Monday, 17 December 2012

Yes, Christmas is about to come, another few days from today there will be the Christmas eve!
Have you purchased gifts for all your beloved including those cute furry creatures, which look curiously towards you for everything they required? Therefore, what you have decided to give them this Christmas. What about preventing them from the dog fleas that irritate them the most? Below are a few tips that will help you in presenting this amazing gift :
  • Limit your pooch dog outdoor activity, especially in tall grass and bushes where the pests are generally found. Various dogs get fleas or other infections from a dog park. Therefore, by avoiding this you can protect your pooch from being infected.
  • If your companion loves to spend time in your lawn or yard, you can treat that area with a natural product that can control dog flea larvae in the soil. This natural product is a tiny worm named nematode that eats flea larvae. When applying with water in your yard they start working within 24 hours, and your yard will be 90 % free from dog flea larvae.
  • Maintain hygiene! Keep your canine bed clean. Purchase dog beds that are washed in washing machine with hot water. Especially in summers wash them once in a week. Make it sure to keep your carpet and floor clean to prevent infection.
  • Give your pooch a healthy diet that includes garlic and yeast. A healthy diet will boost your pooch’s immune system, whereas the yeast and garlic will make his skin taste less for parasites. Consult an expert for the right quantity of garlic and yeast to feed your pet, as per his weight and breed.
  • Flea and tick medication are also available and require very less time effort to protect your beloved from the threat of fleas and ticks. Always consult a vet prior to selecting a flea and tick medication.
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