Monday, 17 December 2012

ASPIS FORTE for Dogs 0-22lbs- A cost-effective Christmas gift flea medication

ASPIS FORTE for Dogs 0-22lbs- A cost-effective Christmas gift flea medication
One cannot compromise when it comes to the health of pets. Fleas and ticks are the most common problem that annoys every dog along with causing considerable harm to the animal. These tiny pest causes anemia, tapeworm, hookworm, and many other problems in dogs. However, with ASPIS FORTE for Dogs 0-22lbs one can be assured of getting rid of these fleas. Let us see how.
Benefits of using ASPIS FORTE for Dogs 0-22lbs as an effective flea medication
ASPIS FORTE deals with fleas and ticks and cures skin allergy at the same time. With other cheap flea medication, the dog has to suffer various side effects but with Aspis Forte, these are a rare possibility. Aspis Forte is formulated keeping in mind the skin type of dogs and at the same time effective to kill fleas.
It is waterproof due to which after applying it, even if you bath your pet or take it for swim, the medicine will not be washed off.
It not only kills the existing fleas but also its eggs thus finishing the entire life cycle of the pest.
Aspis Forte is a generic version of Frontline Plus and contains the same ingredients as the Frontline Plus but this generic version is 40% less priced than the brand. This saves your considerable portion of money and not only this in the Christmas season, has Aspis Forte come with 15 % discount, which makes it even cheaper.
I have used ASPIS FORTE for Dogs 0-22lbs for my dog and it has shown positive results. Moreover, I got good discount, as it was Christmas time. So I paid 40% less price and on top of that got a discount of 15%, isn’t this amazing?
So pet lovers what are you waiting for, please go ahead and make the best use of this opportunity.

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