Friday, 28 December 2012

Flea Prevention For Cats- Best Ways To Do It

Flea prevention in cats is very crucial as these tiny pests cause severe problem in the pet. They cause skin irritation, carry various other internal diseases like intestine infection due to tapeworm, or hook worm. In kittens, it fleas can cause the animal to be anemic and if proper care is not taken then the kitten may die also. Flea prevention for cats involves certain steps that I have discussed.

Tips for Flea prevention for cats

 Vacuuming the house
It is very essential that one vacuums house so that fleas and even ticks, which are hidden in the corners of the house, are removed. It is suggested that for proper result one must sprinkle salt at every corner of the room and even over the carpet and leave it all night. This will kill all fleas and ticks as salt will dehydrate the body of these pests and kill those who are hiding in corners.

Special care during summers
Warm and humid temperature creates the perfect atmosphere for the eggs of fleas to hatch. At lower temperature eggs do not hatch, so special care must be taken during spring and early summer. For proper flea prevention for cats, make sure that you comb your pet every time it comes from outside and give it a bath at least once in a week.

Frontline Plus for cats
You must examine the cat’s fur by parting it with your hand and in case you see, even one or two fleas then apply the appropriate medication immediately. This is because fleas can lay more than 5000 eggs in their entire lifetime so if proper action is not taken within a few days there will be hundred or even thousand fleas over your cat’s skin. Frontline Plus for cats is a reputed brand and is suggested by most vets.

I have tried all these methods for removing fleas from my cat, if you too have a cat then try out these simple methods.
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