Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Get rid of dog fleas the most appropriate way

Get rid of dog fleas the most appropriate way

The warm and soft fur of your dog and cat attracts the fleas and ticks as they found it best comfortable environment for them. This parasite sucks the blood of your pets and feed on it. They are responsible for a number of health problems ranging from allergic reactions, skin infections to tapeworm infections. Many of pets also experience serious tick-borne illnesses, Lyme diseases and Rocky mountain Spotted Fever as well.
These parasites get attracted towards pets during summer season. But don’t worry as there are steps involved to ward off from these insects almost at any season. Below are warning signs of dog fleas:
  • Dropping of fleas in the fur
  • White colored flea eggs
  • Excessive scratching and licking
  • Hot spots along with scabs on the pet's skin

As these bloods sucking parasites drain a significant amount of blood from pets there are possibilities of Anemia to them. They inject saliva into pet’s skin and causes skin dermatitis to them.
Generic Frontline plus for dogs is the handsome choice for smart pet owners to get rid of dog fleas. It is easy and convenient option as it takes only one minute to spread this liquid formulation over the pet’s body and comes as waterproof material. It is voted as the best fleas control option by a number of pet lovers. And many are satisfactory using this product as a monthly topical medicine for years.
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