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Flea medication must be free from all side-effects why

There are various reasons why a flea medication must be side effect free. Flea medications are formulated with the intention of killing dog fleas.

Bad odor

Some flea medications have a very strong odor that is not only irritating to the pet but to its owner as well. Such medications smell like pills and annoy the pet; as a result, the pet starts licking its body and takes in the flea medication. Since these medications have chemicals in them, therefore it harms the pet considerably. Therefore, you see that it is a chain reaction, which starts with the bad odor and harms the pet gradually.

Causes brain damage

Some dog flea medication is so harmful that they can cause permanent damage to the brain. Pets have known to suffer from seizures and some have even collapsed because of the application of such harmful flea medication.
Apart from these, the flea medications also cause stomach pain and ulcer. It is therefore better to choose natural remedies that will keep your pet safe and your pet will be relieved from the ugly side effect of flea medication.

Some additional tips

  • Choose the flea medication, which suits the most to your pet. The flea medication for dog must not be used for dogs and vice versa.
  • Follow the instructions mentioned over the package of dog fleas’ medication.
  • Always do a patch test to make sure that the pet is not allergic to the medication.
  • In case you see, any sign that your pet is not responding to the medication then consult the vet as soon as possible.
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Tips To Alkalize Dog Fleas | Generic Frontline Plus

Tips To Alkalize Dog Fleas | Generic Frontline Plus - The best way to prevent dog fleas  is to keep your pet in a very healthy condition. One way of doing this is to maintain the PH level of your pet

Why to keep off and why not giving Frontline Plus and getting your dog healed in no time

Most pet owners come to vet complaining that their pet has been infected by fleas and ticks both and a single product is not able to resolve their issue. This is a very common and serious problem and it slowly makes the pet very weak and feeble.One of my close friends is a vet and when I came to her with my dog being infected by fleas and ticks, she suggested me Frontline Plus. She told me that using a cheap over the counter product would cause more harm to my dog so it is better to go for a branded flea control product.

I took her suggestion and used Frontline Plus for dogs and within 24 hours of its application, I could see my dog in a better state of health. Frontline Plus provides instant relief to pets who have been suffering from fleas and ticks for a long period.

Benefits of using Frontline Plus on pets

Frontline Plus starts working from the very first application. It reliefs the pet instantly from scratching and itching thus providing fast relief.Frontline Plus prevents the ticks from jumping and thus they can be easily killed by locating it on the pet’s body.

This flea medication kills adult fleas as well as its entire life cycle so this ends the problem. Moreover, it is waterproof so after applying it for the first time, it stays active for 30 days. One can easily give the pet bath 24 hours after applying the medication.

Frontline Plus is very delicate and can be used on older as well as on younger pets.After seeing the result on my pet, I believed that Frontline is indeed the best flea medication that I can get. Therefore, pet owners and lovers do not wait any further to release your pet from fleas and ticks.

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Go all out and kick out cat fleas with Frontline Plus for cats

Just like dogs, fleas and ticks also affect cats. Cats can encounter fleas   anywhere while taking walks out in the lawn or while playing with the neighboring cats. Cat fleas are very itching and harm the cat very much. They look like small red spots and sometime raised bump like structure. These bites are quite aggravating and as the cat keeps scratching itself, it harms itself in the process.

Some benefits of using Frontline plus for cats

We all know that Frontline plus kills cat fleas but apart from this, it also kills the possibility of occurrence of Lyme disease. Lyme disease is fatal for the pet therefore protects the cat from this fate.

This flea prevention for cats also protects the pet from all types of internal parasites, which occur because of fleas and ticks. These internal parasites can weaken the intestine of a cat and will result in further serious problem. Therefore, proper flea prevention for cats is very crucial.Cat fleas’ keeps sucking blood from the pet and this is fatal especially if the pet is small. This is because kittens do not have enough blood in their body and when fleas continuously suck out blood, the kitten becomes very weak.

When fleas and ticks infect pets, they cause considerable harm to the pet. The pet scratches it body complete day and in the process injures itself. Now when there are open wounds the saliva of these ticks enter directly into the blood stream of the pet and causes internal infection. Flea prevention for cats is therefore very essential.
For all these reasons, flea prevention for cats is very important and it must be done as soon as possible.
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How to Use fleas and tick prevantion Medicine for Dogs: Aspis Forte medi...

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Frontline spot on for Dogs 0-22 lbs| Frontline spot on for small Dogs | 6 Month & 12 Month Supply

Frontline spot on for Dogs 0-22 lbs| Frontline spot on for small Dogs | 6 Month & 12 Month Supply

Importance of Frontline Plus in taking a proper dog flea control

Importance of Frontline Plus in taking a proper dog flea control Dog fleas

are an extreme nuisance and can spread Dipylidium caninum. Though they occur mostly in dogs, they are also known to attack human beings as well. Well the pooch that Matt brought home was already infested with these bugs. Being new pet owners, it took quite some time for us to realize that. When I came to know, I really did not really know what to do about it. I would have stayed disoriented regarding it had not Jennifer dropped in by that day. She is soul sister, agony and now I have bestowed another title to her, that of a pet advisor. When Jennifer came to know about my situation, told me to try Frontline Plus for Dog.

This flea medication provides a fast, effective as well as convenient treatment for treating dog fleas effectively in dogs and puppies. Frontline plus helps in preventing as well as stop flea infestations by killing flea eggs, adult larvae and flea eggs. An effective flea treatment such as Frontline Plus prevents the development of all the flea stages which also includes the eggs, larvae and pupae. It even prevents kill fleas that can cause flea allergy dermatitis. Frontline Plus for Dog flea medication is so effective due to the fact that its two most active ingredients are fipronil and S-Methoprene. Fipronil is a broad spectrum insecticide that disrupts the central nervous system of the dog fleas while insect growth regulators such as S-methoprene interrupt or inhibit the life cycle of the pests. Thus, fleas that are exposed to S-methoprene will get to fully develop into jumping, biting adults and most importantly will not be able to reproduce.

  Frontline Plus for Dog: Benefits
  • Kills all ticks on your dog within 12 hours
  • A full month protection is guaranteed with each application
  • Great for pets that swim since it is waterproof
Jennifer’s visit that was a boon for us otherwise we would have never gotten to know about this dog fleas medication. With Frontline Plus for dog, the fleas are under control now and are slowly diminishing. All thanks to Frontline Plus!

Curing dog fleas with the help of Frontline Plus

Curing dog fleas with the help of Frontline Plus

Are you worried for the health of your pet as the flea season is about to come? If yes then without troubling more order the best flea option Frontline Plus for your dogs and cats. Fleas and ticks attack the pets and suck their blood leaving their life extremely annoying and difficult. The flea attack causes various infections and health hampering disease to pets to avoid the risk of disease and protect your pet Frontline offers the safe treatment and it offers the complete month of protection after one time use. Benefits of

Frontline Plus For Dog:
  • This application comes in an easy to apply liquid form and kills all the fleas and starts working in 24 hours.
  • This solution remains waterproof and your pets can continue with their daily activities after application of this solution.
  • Their active ingredient Fipronil and S-Methoprene works as an insect growth regulator and stops the development of pupa and an egg into an adult flea thus reduces the flea multiplication.
  • It is topical flea control option works in killing almost all types of parasites including ticks, insects, heartworms and tapeworms.
  • Its formulation t's works against all life stages of the American dog tick, the brown dog tick, the deer tick and the lone star tick.
  • It is an effective flea control remedy for dogs, puppies and kittens.
  • This flea medication effectively works for solving all the trouble of your sweet pooch.
Dog fleas

are no issues with this trusted and safe flea medicine Frontline Plus for dogs and, it also comes to cats as a different package. Place your order at Generic Frontline Plus to purchase it online with discount offers and convenient free shipping facility. One can also buy various packages of this flea medicine according to the weight of your pet. Buy the best and serve best life for your canine pets.

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Tips to cure cat fleas

One of the widest pet animals in the world, cats is known to be the domicile of countless number of fleas and what’s worse is that with winter almost dying out, the nasty heads of cat fleas will begin to show up on your cat’s coat. Cat flea also known as Ctenocephalides felis especially attacks a domesticated cat but can also cause trouble to rabbits, rodents as well as other furry animals and even to humans.

Proper flea prevention for cats becomes necessary for the owner and at the earliest since allergic reactions to flea bites usually appears 12 to 24 hours after the bite that can last for more than a week. Below are given some natural as well home remedies against cat fleas.
  • Flea comb – They are usually available at local pet stores. You can even use a lice comb in case you already have one at hand. While combing, you should be careful while combing around the eyes and avoid the ears at any cost.
  • Lavender – Another flea prevention for cats is to take some fresh lavender and put it in a clean container and let it be that way overnight. The next day, take a clean muslin cloth or a tea strainer to collect the lavender that you have let it sit overnight. Next put the lavender water in a spray bottle and use it whenever you require.
  • Soap, water and light – Fill a saucepan with water and a few drops of dish wash soap in the center of a room that is infested with the cat fleas. Place a bright light next to the pan onto the water but it should be the only source of light in the room. Fleas are known to be attracted to light and this technique will make sure that they jump into the water and drown and the dish soap will ensure that fleas are not able to bounce back.
So these were some of the effective flea prevention for cats that can help you to put on cat fleas. Try them out. They are sure to rid of in no time at all.
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Monday, 11 February 2013

ASPIS SPRAY- A Generic Equivalent to Frontline Spray for Dogs and Cats

ASPIS SPRAY treatment for Dogs and Cats is a convenient and effective way to kill flea and ticks in less than 24 hours. It needs to be used only once a month

Frontline Plus for dog is a safe flea and tick medication for your dog

Frontline Plus for dog is a safe flea and tick medication for your dog

 Fleas are usually known start in May and go all the way till the winter months and the worst months are September, October and November. Therefore as summer or rather the season of flea and ticks are round the corner, it is important that you have ready an effective dog fleas and tick medication that can nip the bud at its root. One of them is Frontline Plus for dog that is excellent in providing as fast, effective as well as an effective treatment that control fleas as well as ticks in dogs and puppies in a jiffy.

Frontline plus helps in preventing infestations by killing the flea adults, eggs and larvae. This effective flea treatment is an extremely helpful treatment that prevents all flea stages i.e. the eggs, larvae and the pupae from developing fully and also kills fleas that can cause flea allergy dermatitis. As for ticks, Frontline Plus for dog also kills all stages of the deer ticks, the American dog ticks, the lone star ticks and at the same time prevents and controls re-infestations. Ticks are known to be more of a nuisance than dog fleas because they often lead to serious diseases in dogs or sometimes even to humans. Frontline Plus for dogs: Benefits
  • Kills ticks and chewing lice
  • Kills all existing fleas on your pet
  • Is very convenient for pets that love to swim since it is waterproof
  • Each application provides a full month protection
  • Also aids in sarcoptic mange infections
What makers Frontline Plus for dog so effective is the fact that it contains fipronil, a broad-spectrum insecticide as well as a slow acting poison that destroys the central nervous system of the parasites. While S-methoprene, an insect growth regulator kills dog fleas eggs as well as larvae. Try it out once you will know the difference for yourself.

Simply kick out dog fleas from life of your pooch

Fleas and ticks were troubling my pooch for quite some time. I was trying all ways to keep my pooch away from these tiny monster’s but all my effort was going to waste as fleas use to come back after a few days. I cannot express how frustrated I felt, as I was not able to get that from where these fleas and ticks were coming.

I searched about it and I discovered a shocking fact. I learnt that fleas and ticks just do not stick it cats and dogs, they exist in the environment as well. If your pet is infected by dog fleas then there are more fleas in its environment and in its bedding than on the body of the pet.

So far, my effort has been just half and then I developed a new strategy to kill these fleas. Are you interested in knowing my unique ways? Then keep reading.

My unique weapon for killing dog fleas

Citrus oil and vinegar

I thought that these things are used only in cooking but my knowledge was limited. I read that mopping the floor with citrus oil and vinegar keep fleas and ticks. This is the cheapest flea and tick medication and any one can afford it. I used it just once a week and was amazed to see the results. My house smelled good, there was no tick dirt on doormats, and my dog’s bedding.

Washing the bedding of pets with lemon juice

I washed the pet’s bedding with hot soapy water to kill fleas and ticks and then after rinsing it with water I dipped the bedding in bucket of lemon juice diluted in water. I then dried the bedding under the Sun so that fleas are dead and due to the fragrance of lemon, they did not come back. My pet’s bedding was free from dog fleas at last.

Natural tick medication for my pet

I gave my pet bath with an herbal shampoo and then washed it properly with warm water. I then applied a few drops of eucalyptus oil over its shoulder blades and at the inner side of its thigh. My pet smelled great and it was looking very cheer full as well.

So pet lovers if your pet is also suffering from dog fleas then try out these methods. These methods are awesome and 100% effective trust me

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Better Dog Flea Control Tips for Your Pooch | Generic Frontline Plus

Better Dog Flea Control Tips for Your Pooch | Generic Frontline Plus

Dog fleas are such a menace and they must be treated as soon as they appear. Dog fleas cause not only itching and scratching but carry various diseases, which if not treated on time will kill the poor animal.
I too have a dog and here are some flea control tips that I have used. I have shared this with all my readers so that anyone who has a dog or a puppy can use them as well. 

Friday, 8 February 2013

Techniques for dog tick removal

Techniques for dog tick removal Dog tick removal procedure is not that easy, there are various things that are to be taken into consideration else, the poison of the tick will remain in the skin of the pet.

Aspis Forte for large cats

Buy Aspis Forte large cat at the best discount price to kill flea, ticks and its all stages in the Cats surroundings for at least 1 month.

Precautions To Take While Selecting A Tick Medication For Dogs And Cats

No one likes to see their pets in pain and discomfort of being infected by fleas and ticks. The most common mistake that pet lovers do while selecting a tick medication is to go for the medication, which has the maximum advertisement. While some people think that the medicine, which is more expensive, is the best, but this is not the fact. Look at some tips that I used in selecting the right tick medication.

Tips while selecting the appropriate tick and flea medication
  1. If there is any other type of pet in your house then it is better to use a natural tick medication or keep the pets away from each other. Some ticks and flea medication meant for dogs are harmful for cats and small animals like rabbit.
  2. Check out whether both fleas and ticks or just one of these infected your pet. There are some medications, which kills fleas while some kills just ticks. Only few medicines kill both fleas and ticks.
  3. Fleas and ticks are easy to kill but have you thought about preventing your dog from heartworm as well? Find out a suitable medication to kill these worms and some tips to prevent the occurrence of these internal parasites. Heartworms are deadly for dogs.
  4. Some products are expensive but when it comes to choosing the right tick medication, do not look at the price but the quality of the same.
  5. If your dog is going for swimming classes often then the tick medication must be waterproof else all efforts will go in vain. Make sure that you read the instructions carefully before you buy the right medication.
These were some important information, which one must follow while selecting the right flea and tick medication so that your pet is safe and secure.

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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Pets Articles - Frontline Plus as the best option to cure flea attacks

Pets Articles - Frontline Plus as the best option to cure flea attacks -Flea control products Frontline Plus was first introduced in 2000 and is effective on both dogs and cats. Comes as different package for dog and cat and shows the number of benefits in controlling, preventing the parasites for 30 days on the pet.

Best flea control for cats as good New Year gift with 15% flat discount offer

Best flea control for cats 

 The best flea control for cats is available and that too at flat 15% discount rate only on Generic Frontline Plus. This product is very effective in killing fleas in all its stage. New Year is a time for celebration but if your dear cat is suffering from fleas then how can you celebrate? Fleas are really a problem and pets suffer a lot due to these. When someone’s pet is suffering from flea infection then it is a very confusing situation as the person as there are various products available for him to choose. Therefore, if you want the best flea control for cats then here is what you should do. How to select the best flea control for cats What should you see in a flea control for cats? I will tell you based on my experience. Firstly: The most essential thing is to look for the ingredients that are there in the flea control. A good flea control product must contain
  • Methoprene
  • Fipronil
  • Excipients q.s
Secondly: the flea control medication must kill fleas in all its stage. There are some medicines which kill only the eggs and the larva bit not the adult flea, such products are not useful. Fleas will reoccur and thus the problem will persist in spite of the application of the medicine. Thirdly: the flea control must be long lasting as applying medicated ointment or spray every day will surely irritate your pet and it is not good since animals have the habit of continuously grooming themselves. Therefore, if you want all these then the only choice left for you will be to buy generic frontline plus for cats. You can buy this product from generic frontline plus and you will get 15% flat discount on every such product. Isn’t this exciting offer on such a good product? So what are you waiting for, go grab the offer which is only available as a great New Year gift.  I am sure you won’t be dis-appointed with the result of the same as you will get the best flea control for cats.

Frontline Plus for dog frees your dog from fleas and ticks

Flea and ticks can be a major nuisance to your dog. A scratch here and a scratch there, this is the time when you will know that your beloved pooch is infested with those dreaded bloodsucking parasites. Dog fleas and ticks normally a start occurring during the spring season and well continues till autumn. So, this is also the time when you have to arm yourself with a proper flea as well as tick medication and what can be better than Frontline Plus for dog.

This medication provides a fast as well as effective, convenient treatment and control against dog fleas and ticks in your pooch. This unique medication stops as well prevents fleas in all its developmental states including the eggs and larvae and at the same time kills fleas that can cause flea allergy dermatitis. Frontline plus also an effective tick medication that all destroys all stages of the deer ticks (carrier of Lyme disease), the Lone Star ticks, American Dog ticks and the Brown Dog ticks and at the same time controls and prevents re-infestations.
Ticks are considered to be more of a nuisance that dog fleas since in some cases these may transmit some serious diseases to dogs and sometimes even to humans. Therefore, it is necessary that you keep some good tick medication handy such as Frontline Plus for dog.

Frontline Plus for dog:
  1. Kills all of the ticks as well as chewing lice
  2. A full moth protection is guaranteed with each application
  3. Sarcoptic mange infections are also controlled by it
  4. Kills all of the fleas on your pet within 12 hours
  5. It is waterproof, therefore great for pets that love to swim
So you see Frontline Plus for dog is definitely the best bet for your dog in the battle against dog fleas and ticks. Try it once on your dog and see how they disappear in a jiffy.

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Keep your dog happy by curing dog fleas as a healthy New Year gift now

Keep your dog happy by curing dog fleas as a healthy New Year gift now 

How does it feel seeing in pain and agony when the entire family is enjoying New Year? I am sure that seeing your dog in such a sorry state, you will not be able to enjoy the festival at all. Pets do not understand the joy and pleasure for things that we do, for them happiness means staying in perfect health along with receiving some love and attention. Therefore, if your dear pet is suffering from fleas then the best healthy New Year gift for it will be relieving it from fleas and tick infection. Here is a simple method of killing dog fleas. I have tried this method and my dog recovered from flea infection. Simple way of dog flea’s control You will require the following things they are as follows:
  • 1/2 tsp. salt
  • 1/2 tsp. baking soda
  • 8 oz. apple cider vinegar
  • 4 oz. warm water
Procedure for killing dog fleas
  • You need to mix the salt and baking soda first and then add warm water in it. After this add the vinegar, as if you mix the vinegar first then it will react with the soda.
  • After this, you need to part the dog’s fur with hands and apply this solution on its skin.
  • Make sure that if the dog has scratched itself at some places then do not apply it over there, as the skin will burn terribly.
  • Wash your hands with water thoroughly after that.
  • Keep this solution on its body for at least 30 minutes and wash it with water.
  • You can wash it before if you see that the application of the solution is irritating the dog.
Oranges for killing fleas Oranges are very good for killing fleas and tick control as well. Slice an orange into half and rub it over the dog’s skin. You can also take orange juice and apply it on the skin of the dog. Oranges are harmless but fleas hate it. Visit our website to kill fleas and ticks

A New Year gift for your dog this season- A Flea free world

New Year is the most waited time of the year, even months before this festive season comes, planning, and preparations for the same begins. Everyone plans for something new this season like making unique cakes, different decorations, buying unusual New Year gifts etc., but have you all thought that our dear companions, our pets also require the something different and good in this festive season?

Pet lovers must be wondering that they love and take care of their beloved pet very much but what can be an unusual gift to them. The New Year gift for pets will be to gift them a disease free world where they can live without the fear of being infected by any internal or external parasites.

Yes, you all have guessed it right, I am talking about dog fleas and ticks, which are a slow killer for pets and cause considerable harm to them in different ways. Therefore, don’t you think that protecting your pets from these pests (tick and flea) are a New Year Gift in itself?

The danger of dog fleas and ticks
  • Fleas are no less than killers are. They cause considerable harm to pets and gradually makes the pet weak and feeble.
  • Dog fleas carry the risk of tapeworm infection in pets. Fleas carry tapeworm eggs in them and when the dog grooms itself, it in-digests the fleas and gradually the tapeworm eggs. These worms stick to the intestine of the dog and causes infection in the same.
  • Dog flea’s sucks blood from the pet continuously for many hours and makes the pet weak. This is because it’s not one flea but many fleas at one time sucking blood from the pet. When fleas infection is very severe it may also lead to the death of the animal.
  • Along with tapeworm, the dog is at higher risk of being infected by hookworm and heartworms. Therefore, it is suggested that in this festive season find out some time for your pet and inspects it for fleas and ticks.
Even if you notice one flea, start the treatment immediately as even one flea can be dangerous. This will be the unique New Year Gift for your pet.

Visit Generic Frontline Plus and find out more information about Dog fleas and ticks. You may also visit our blog to subscribe for regular pet care and product information.

Killing Ticks Become Easy with Right Dog Fleas

Killing Ticks Become Easy with Right Dog Fleas - Dog fleas are an unfortunate case of infestations based skin related problem mostly seen in the form of larvae and eggs that lives in the skin pores of pet animals such as dogs.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Dog hit by dog fleas? Cure it with proper flea medication

Dog hit by dog fleas? Cure it with proper flea medication

 Spring is almost round the corner therefore it is almost time to arm yourself with remedies against flea and tick medication. Those nasty little things can drive your dog to madness but at the same time, exposing your pooch harmful commercial flea medication is not necessary. Here are some effective all natural solutions that will give a boost in terms of removing dog fleas from your pooch.
  • Brewer’s Yeast – Add a small amount of Brewer’s Yeast tablets in your dog’s food. It is as effective as prescription meds but a lot safer and healthier. The effects of Brewer’s Yeast will excrete through your dog’s skin thus making him, better still his blood less palatable for the dog fleas but at the same time check with your vet to know about the proper dosage that depends on the weight.
  • Rosemary dip – Put some fresh rosemary in two cups of boiling water for thirty minutes Discard the leaves after straining the liquid and ass up to at least a gallon of water of course, it should depend upon the size of your dog. Wait till the concoction cools down but is still warm enough. Gently pour this mixture over your dog until he/she is soaked enough. Let your dog to dry naturally. This flea medication works well especially during the summer months.
  • Diatomaceous earth – This earth is a remarkable, all-natural product made of diatoms that are tiny fossilized skeletal remains of unicellular plants. Diatomaceous earth looks and feels like talcum powder but for insects and parasitic presence such as dog fleas; this dust is a lethal razor-sharp weapon that cuts the fleas’ protective outer layering thus leading to desiccation and ultimately death.
These were some of the most effective natural flea medication that you can opt for. They are effective and at the same time will prevent your pooch for exposure to harsh chemical in the fight against dog fleas. The season of fleas is almost reaching the threshold. Are you ready yet?

Healthy New Year Gift: Buy Frontline Plus for dogs and cure fleas in no time

Frontline Plus for dogs is a great product to cure dog fleas. This product is easy to apply, effective and very convenient. Frontline plus is obtainable at your vet store, your local pet store or over the net. It works well over the dog fleas, I found some fleas over my canine this summer that was the reason I use frontline plus on my pooch.

In starting of summer, I had to tug off multiple dog fleas from my dog every day. Then I asked my vet, he told me that fleas did not die instantly. He advised to apply this medication and let the medicine work by killing these blood-sucking creatures.

The next morning these horrid parasites were not on my dog, they were dead. You can imagine my happiness. I was pleased with its effect against fleas. I have not found any other product till date that works better than this. If you want Front Line Plus, it is a lot more affordable to purchase it from net. You will also get discount over it and If you buy it at a Pet Store, it will be expensive.

It is vital to buy the accurate sized dose for your companion. Weigh the pet properly before purchasing Front Line Plus because, if you get a dose of small pet, for large pet the medicine will not work efficiently and even some times causes side effects.

Recently I have found a very good website that provides medication to cure fleas at the cheapest prices over the net. As this is New Year season they are offering 15% extra discount over their entire range of products, you can view their website by just writing Generic Frontline Plus in the URL address bar and seize a better healthy New Year gift.

Visit Generic Frontline Plus and find out more information about Flea and ticks for dogs. You may also visit our blog to subscribe for regular pet care and product information.

Ward off dog fleas with immediate effect

Ward off dog fleas with immediate effect

Take out time to read about some simple powerful and in expensive ways to kill fleas and ticks. These methods are recommended over using harmful chemicals.

Cat Fleas and Ticks - The Perfect Cure

Treating cat fleas is a challenge and now since these little monsters infect your pet, you need to take the right step to combat the situation. There are various websites, which will give you information about doing certain things to kill cat fleas but you must also search for certain things that are to be avoided in choosing the right flea treatmen

Monday, 4 February 2013

Christmas time is to keep your pooch cured from dog fleas with great Christmas gift

Christmas time is to keep your pooch cured from dog fleas with great Christmas gift

 New year brings with it so many hopes and expectations. We all decide to do various things in the new year and think about rectifying all our past mistakes. The same principle is applicable in taking care of pets as well. Our dear pets, although they may not understand the meaning of a new year but they too are a part of our celebration. Our pets are wholly and solely dependent on us, we have a language with which we express our need and pain but they do not have any such language. To me my pet is just like my child, it looks at me with a blank expression when it needs anything. May be it feels helpless that it cannot express itself? Therefore, I leave no loophole in keeping it in any pain or problem. To me its health is the top priority. I understand that dog fleas will affect it at some point of the time as these fleas and ticks are a part of dog and cats surrounding. Protecting your pet from flea and ticks begins with choosing the right tick and flea medication.

 I was once going through various flea and tick medications, which are kept in store or found over the counter. I noticed that some medicines come with a very low price and they claim to kill fleas and ticks. I just looked at the ingredients and noticed that all harmful chemicals were in its ingredients. I understood that these medications are not only meant for killing ticks but they will also kill my pet. Then one day while surfing the internet, I came across Frontline Plus and its benefits.

It claimed that it kills the fleas without causing any harm to the pet. I was not convinced, I went to the vet, and he said that the claims of Frontline Plus are 100% true. Its ingredients are such that they will kill only fleas and ticks but are safe to be used on pets. I was happy to know that there is at least some flea medication, which will be safe to be used on puppies and kittens. I suggest all pet owners and pet lovers to buy only Frontline Plus and relief your dog and cat from dog fleas and ticks. I am saying this after doing a thorough research on the product and recommendation of my vet who is also my friend, I am sure he will not suggest me only the best.

Ways a puppy flea control works wonderfully

frontlineplus6s-upto10kgThere cannot be anything more disappointing than seeing the cute innocent puppy you just adopted infected by fleas and ticks. Pet owners treat their pets like their child, and it is very painful to see them in pain and agony. More than this puppy do not have enough blood in their body so being infected by fleas and ticks for a long period will make them anemic. A puppy flea control must be therefore very fast and effective taking care of the health of the puppy at the same time.

Never make the mistake of using harsh chemical laden flea control on puppies, as they are too gentle and fragile to handle such chemical attack. Choosing a holistic method of puppy flea control to treat fleas and ticks in puppies is the need of the time; let us look at some holistic methods.

Puppy flea control must be holistic Be gentle on the puppy

Ticks most often accompany fleas. It is very challenging to kill a tick. Use the appropriate method to pull out ticks with a tweezers. This method may cause some pain to your puppy so make sure you do it properly. If you are not sure then take help of a vet.

Use neem instead of antiseptic

Neem is the best antiseptic that you can get, after pulling out the tick apply some neem juice on that area. Even if fleas do not infect your puppy then too you can apply neem juice all over its skin by parting its fur. It is best to apply this neem juice after you have given it a bath. After applying the juice there is no need to bath the puppy again. This the safest puppy flea control that you can get.

Wash everything on routine basis

Wash curtains, beddings (puppy and you), sofa cover, kid’s toys etc. So that the house remains free of fleas and ticks. Keep your yard free from fleas and ticks by spraying some garlic spray so that when your puppy rolls over the grass, there are no fleas and ticks to infect it. Keep the surrounding neat and clean, of fallen leaves etc.
A holistic puppy flea control method is to ensure a safe and healthy atmosphere to your puppy. Train your puppy not to make friends with other puppies or cats; they may be potential carrier of fleas and tick. If your puppy feels alone buy him a companion.

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Friday, 1 February 2013

causes of dog fleas discovered

causes of dog fleas discovered

You have kept your dog in top condition but sadly, dog fleas have infected it. You will definitely be worried as your pet is scratching and suffering from accompanied wounds. It is suggested to do a flea treatment immediately but along with doing it, you must also know the ways through which fleas have infected your pet. You can prevent flea infection only when you know the cause for it.

Causes of fleas infection in dogs

Fleas from other pets One of the most common way through which your dear pet is infected by fleas is by coming in contact with other pets, those who has fleas and ticks. Fleas cannot live without a host so adult fleas can come to your pet only from another host’s body.

 Fleas jump from one body to another Irrespective of the small size of dog fleas, they are capable of jumping from one body to another. Therefore, you must always keep your pet dog or cat from other small animals. A flea can produce 30 eggs everyday so it will lay thousands of eggs in its entire lifetime.

If you have left your pet somewhere out and it met any other animal, then it is quite likely that it was infected by fleas and ticks from there. Fleas can come from garden and yards which are not cleaned Fleas breed in hot humid region. If your garden is not cleaned and leaves have accumulated all over the place, then it will provide the perfect breeding ambience for fleas and ticks.

Just applying a flea or tick medication will not help your cat or dog, along with this, you also need to make other efforts like cleaning the yard or garden. These are some other ways by which fleas and ticks make their way to your pet’s body. Check out these methods along with applying a flea or tick medication.

killing ticks with the right tick medication is a must

killing ticks with the right tick medication is a must

  Killing ticks is no less than a challenge and with so many products available for killing ticks and fleas, the challenge becomes more and more tough. It is suggested to pet owners that do not go for any flea or tick control product but choose the right product. Often pet owners choose any other product available in stores with the intention of killing ticks and fleas on their pets. The poor pet has to go through the pain of being applied all types flea and tick control medications. Let us look at some ways by which the task can be made simple.

Tips for choosing the right flea and tick medication

 Choosing the right product is very crucial as with the use of wrong product, the pet may die unfortunately. Consider these things before buying the right flea and tick medication. Inspect the pet whether it has both fleas and ticks or just one of the two pests. Some products cure only fleas or ticks white there are some, which kill both of them.

Killing ticks is possible also by using a tweezers but one must know that this process must be carried out carefully so that it does not cause any further infection in the pet. The tick medication must also kill fleas as well as ticks. Ideally, a pet is infected by both fleas and ticks so using a medication with dual effectiveness will be long lasting. A tick medication, which also controls internal parasites, is an ideal one. This is because it will protect the pet from all possible threat. Usually ticks and fleas carry the risk the internal parasite infection. So pet lovers before you go ahead in choosing a tick medication; make sure that you observe these points.

Side-effects free flea medication could be a fitting New Year gift

Side-effects free flea medication could be a fitting New Year gift

Skin infection, continues scratching or restlessness are a few of the signs of flea infestation in your pet. Help your darling pets to get rid of these dangerous blood sucking insects by using a proper side effect free medications.