Sunday, 28 July 2013

Are Certain Pets Prone To Fleas?

Are Certain Pets Prone To Fleas? - There are around 2,000 species of fleas encounter in the environment. Fleas live and grow in humid, warm environments and suck the blood of host and feed on that. On dogs and cats, most common type of fleas occur are cat fleas and dog fleas.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Poor pet health and fleas and ticks

As the warm weather slowly creeps in, dog owners slowly starts worrying about those tough as well as relentless survivors known as flea and ticks. However, have you ever wondered why some of the cats and dogs have a more severe problem while other pets hardly have any anything to do with these parasites?

The fleas and ticks present in your pet can be a very obvious indicator of the animal’s health. Parasites in general especially fleas attack an unhealthy, weak or a very young animal whose immune system in not functioning at its best. Therefore, the best flea and tick prevention can be reducing yours pet’s susceptibility by improving its health.

The best way for a flea and tick prevention program for your cat or dog is to have a strong immune system. You can start off by providing your pet with proper, species appropriate and nutritious meals. A healthy diet consisting of fresh foods will work wonders in keeping fleasand ticks away. However, steer clear away from processed kibble or canned foods as your pet might have indigestion with them.

The food that you feed your pet should be able to provide all the nutritional components that are deemed to be necessary for all organs as well as systems of a healthy body so as to perform in unison. When the question of providing proper diet to your pet arises, this means looking beyond your own opinions, agendas and needs so as to address the natural needs of the animals that you are responsible to feed and take care of.

Thus, your pets will be raised according to their species and nature. Cats and dogs which are the most favored species of pets and are carnivores need to be fed accordingly so that they are able to maintain optimal health. Only a healthy pet will be able to ward of fleas and ticks so therefore make it your mission today to give your pet that maximum love and care of course through the tender way of his/her stomach. 

Some Essential Facts About The Impact of Dog

Some Essential Facts About The Impact of Dog  - Dog fleas and dogs are something they cannot stay without each other. This is a very cruel fact and there is no way that this can be avoided at any cost. It has been observed that it does not matter where a dog stays at any part of the globe, it will be infected by fleas and ticks as well.

What Are The Behavior Problems In Your Older Doggy

As dogs age, their body functioning deteriorates. They may lose memory, their ability to learn and hear gets reduced, and their sleep or activity level gets disturbed. It may create aggressiveness or anxiety in them and affects their social relationship with you and other pets

Sunday, 21 July 2013

An Insight into Canine Skin Allergies And Respective Reactions In Pet

An Insight into Canine Skin Allergies And Respective Reactions In Pet - Pets are getting infected to number of allergies and this number is taking toll in recent years. It has been studied that one in 8 dogs suffers fromallergic reactions and resembling symptoms. The experts study report suggests that skin allergies are the foremost cause for which pet owners bring their pet to a veterinarian.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Tips For Successful Visits To The Vet

Tips For Successful Visits To The Vet - Every pet owner needs to visit a vet office at regular intervals as their pet may need a regular check-up and that’s the reason one should be well aware of the treatment procedure, vet history and need of a veterinarian for the pet.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Hot Spots In Dogs- A Short Story

Hot Spots In Dogs- A Short Story - A hot spot is a painful, warm, swollen portion of the dog’s skin varying from 1 to 4 inches exudes puss and also give off an unbearable foul odor. One can recognize it by noticing bald patches on the skin. 

Why Frontline Plus is the most acclaimed pest medication

There are various medications that claim to kill fleas as well as ticks but there is always a question on the authenticity of these flea and tick control products. Some products are not that much effective while there are some whose ingredients are not skin friendly at all.

Considering all these facts, it becomes really tough for the pet owners to choose the most appropriate product for controlling fleas and ticks.  Being a pet owner, I was too under the same confusion as to which medication to choose for my doggy that was infected by fleas and ticks.

I consulted a top vet and he suggested me to use Frontline Plus due to its many added benefits, so let’s have a quick glance at these.

  • Frontline Plus assures complete safety to pets and that too by one time application. This means that just after first application, it starts working in just 24 to 48 hours. The time taken may be less also depends on the intensity of flea infection.
  • Frontline Plus is effective in cleaning chewing lice as well. So this is a complete care for pets from all types of pests.
  • This medication comes in two broad categories i.e. Frontline Plus For Dogs and Frontline Plus For Cats. This makes the task of a pet lover easier as he can easily choose the most appropriate one depending on the breed that he owns.
  •  Since it is 100% water proof hence there is no fear even if the pet gets wet or goes for a swim. All that is required is to wait for at least 24 hours before letting the pet get wet.

I was extremely delighted in knowing these amazing benefits of Frontline Plus medication and used the most desired one for my pooch.  I was happy to see the results in just few days. Thanks to Frontline Plus for making my pooch happy and healthy.

Monday, 15 July 2013

10 Effective Dog Flea Treatments

10 Effective Dog Flea Treatments - Flea is the most common health problem in pets. Flea causes a number of problems directly or indirectly for you and your pet such as hair loss, skin abrasions, anemia or even death. So, treating dogs and cats for fleas is an important job for  every pet owner.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Apply Frontline Plus and make your pooch flea free

Dealing with fleas and ticks is nothing less than a nightmare for pets. Be it a cat or a dog, they suffer in silence due to this pest infection and are wholly dependent on us for every possible rescue from such pest menace.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Wide Range of Frontline Dogs For All Types of Dogs

Wide Range of Frontline Dogs For All Types of Dogs - Frontline dogs provide a complete care for dogs against the deadly fleas and ticks. Flea and ticks are more than a menace to all pets. They kill the pet slowly by sucking blood out of it and make the pet allergic very fast.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Monday, 8 July 2013

Types of Vaccinations to Prevent Your Pet from Diseases

If proper vaccination is not given to your pets, they may be at risk of infectious diseases. There are different types of vaccines depending on the age and medical condition of your pet. The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) categorizes vaccines mainly as core and non-core. Core vaccines can be given to all pets whereas non-core vaccines can be given based on your pet’s lifestyle or geographical location.

Core Vaccines:

·         Canine Distemper: This vaccine is given for respiratory, nervous and gastrointestinal infections. The first dose should be given at the age of 8 weeks.  The dose should be repeated every 2-4 weeks until 16 weeks and then the final dose after one year.  
·         Infectious Hepatitis: Hepatitis vaccine prevents against Adenovirus 1 and 2. Adenovirus 1 causes liver diseases while Adenovirus 2 causes respiratory illness.
·         Canine Parvovirus: This virus causes severe vomiting and diarrhoea. The first dose should be given at the age of 8 weeks. The dose should be repeated every 2-4 weeks until 16 weeks and then the final dose after one year.
·         Parainfluenza: It affects the respiratory system and may cause kennel cough. Start vaccination at 8 weeks and then repeat every 2-4 weeks until 16 weeks and then annual boosters.
·         Rabies: It affects the central nervous system and can be fatal. The first dose should be given at the age of 12-16 weeks while the second at 1 year and repeat after 1-3 years depending on the vaccine used. It is advised that the doses should be given according to state law.
Non-core Vaccines:

Below vaccinations are not used routinely as they are based on geographical locations and should be given after consulting with your veterinarian.
·         Bordetella: It’s bacterial infection which may cause kennel cough. Start vaccination at 8 weeks and then repeat every 2-4 weeks until 16 weeks and then annual boosters.
·         Leptospirosis bacterins: This bacteria affect liver and kidney. The first dose should be given at 12 weeks and then repeat at 14-16 weeks.
·         Lyme Disease: Lyme disease is a bacterial and causes arthritis. It may also cause kidney disease.
·        Corona Virus: It mainly causes diarrhoea. Start vaccination at the age of 8 weeks, repeat after 2-4 weeks until 16 weeks and then give annual booster.
·        Giardia: This protozoal parasite causes intestinal infection. By some vets, it is considered as an optional vaccine.
·         Canine Influenza H3N8: It’s a relatively new influenza virus in dogs and is very contagious.
·         Canine parainfluenza: This is a major virus in kennel cough. The first dose should be given at the age of 8-12 weeks and second dose at 16 weeks of age.

So, go ahead and get your pet vaccinated for his or her better health as instructed by veterinarians.


Friday, 5 July 2013

Fleas and Ticks- A Short Story

Do you have a pooch who is very beloved to you and you leave no stone unturned to make his stay a happy and healthy affair with you?
Picture this! Your beloved pooch is in deep pain due to a condition called fleas and ticks and is not at all enjoying his stay and his health is going down with each passing day;

Frontline Spray assures best preventive measure against dog fleas and tick

Do you know that this time of the year is known to be the most dreaded time for pet owners. Come May, June and July, pet owners should get ready to arm themselves with a powerful yet gentle flea and tick preventative to save their pets from these dreaded dog fleas and ticks

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

How to Control Fleas by Using Peppermint: 7 Steps - wikiHow

How to Control Fleas by Using Peppermint:   Fleas are common parasites and occur in pets every now and then hence to get rid of them most of the experts suggest natural ways to avoid side effects.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Are you providing trusted flea medication for your pet

If you find your pet under the attacks of fleas and if he is scratching continuous and seems to be very much in pain then, being a pet owner you need to provide them best and trusted flea medications.

Need Of Vaccination For Dog And Cat

One can find different diseases in dogs and cats. To prevent deadly disease and to get it correct owner need to act smartly. There are a number of serious disease for which there are specific vaccination have been derived. These vaccinations are known to trigger an immune system response.

Why pets scratch continuously

Hello pet owners, are you tired of watching your pet scratching continuously? Want to know the reason behind it and trying to find the treatments available? If yes, then read the article and help your pet get rid of itching and scratching.