Friday, 23 May 2014

Frontline Spray For Protecting Your Home And Pets From Fleas

Are you aware of the fact that the fleas seen on your pets sum up to only 5% of the flea population in your home?

Are you stunned by this startling revelation?  Fear not, by using the flea medication of Frontline Spray, you can protect not only your pets from flea attacks but even your home.

Consequences of flea attack on pets:

  • Fleas are hard to kill pests that survive solely on your pet’s blood. They are not only dangerous but even annoying. 
  • The moment a flea bites your pet, your pet might start scratching. 
  • This will be the beginning of flea allergy dermatitis, hot spots and other skin infections in your pet. 

Do pets swallow fleas?

  • Another danger of flea attack on pets is that a pet may accidently end up swallowing the fleas when it licks or chews itself. 
  • This can be the cause for tapeworms in cats and dogs.

Do temperature variations influence flea infestations?

  • Of course it does. Many pet owners have the wrong notion that the outside cold temperature prevents fleas from attacking your home and pets. 
  • On the contrary, the warmth inside your house is a perfect breeding ground for fleas. 
  • Hence ideally speaking spraying flea medicine each month on your pets and all over your house is warranted. 

Ideal steps to be adopted for preventing flea attacks in pets and home:

  • Treating the pet:
  • The first and foremost to be adopted by a pet lover is to treat the pet. This can be done by bathing the pet with a flea killing shampoo.
  • This helps kill fleas arising on contact and also stop the itching sensation. 
  • In case of multiple pets, treating all pets simultaneously helps. 
  • Eradicating fleas from your home and yard:
  • Fleas love to breed in dark places, Hence the furniture and crevices in your home act as their den. 
  • By using Frontline spray on carpets and upholstery, you can be assured that your house is well protected from fleas and ticks.
  • Spring cleaning the house:
  • Cleaning your house should constitute the first step in eradicating fleas. There is no substitute for keeping the house clean. 
  • Frontline Spray acts only added advantage in thorough eradication of fleas.
  • By sweeping, mopping and vacuuming, you can successfully remove the eggs, larvae, pupae from your carpets, tiles, upholstery and wooden floors. 

Along with the above, do not forget to dip and wash both you and your pets belonging in hot water. This helps to kill flea eggs and adult fleas.

Similarly using flea preventatives, spray your yard thoroughly to get rid of fleas and ticks.

Flea infestations are very difficult to eradicate completely as they are seen even after days, weeks and months after treating the home.

Repetitive flea treatment needs to be done in case of extreme infestation of fleas.

Your home and health along with your pets’ hold greater value as compared to the trouble you will be taking for getting rid of fleas. With little effort and proper planning, it won’t be long before you will enjoy a flea free pet and home.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Do You Know How Your Dogs and Cats Pick Up Fleas

As a pet lover, you may be contented that you have taken good care of your pet. You use the best of flea medications such as Frontline Spray and Spot ons. But inspite  of that, your pet ends up getting up fleas and ticks often. Have you ever wondered why?

Pet are known for picking up fleas from various sources. Gaining knowledge about the same helps in protecting pet from fleas. Listed below are few of the various sources from which a pet might catch fleas:

  Treading outside:

Pet are generally prone to catch fleas when they tread outside to go for a walk or to play. As a pet lover, you would have been diligent enough to spay flea medicines in your yard to ward off fleas. But what about your neighbor?

Wandering and treading into your neighbor’s yard could also result in pesky fleas on your pet. Keeping a tab on your pet to ensure that he does not tread in to other’s yards is one of controlling fleas on your pet. By using leash, a pet can be restricted from roaming.

  Dark, moist and warm places:

Warm, dark and moist places are perfect hideouts for fleas. Leaves, grass clippings and wood piles act as prone places from where a pet can get fleas.

With the snow just melting away at the time of arrival of springs, these piles become the perfect breeding ground for fleas who hitch hiker a ride on the fur of your adorable pets.

Hence ensuring a clean yard free from debris by spraying the branded Frontline Spray always helps as the fleas seen on pets estimate for only 5% of the total flea population. Remaining 95% of the flea population is known to thrive on the surroundings.

Using Spot Ons flea medicines on pets helps drive away adult fleas and eggs, pupae and larvae from pets.

  From other animals:

Pet owners maintaining multiple pets face the problem of fleas in all their pets very often as the fleas tend to jump from a flea inflicted pet to a flea medicated pet and thus making it flea ridden.

Feral cats and rabbits roaming in the neighborhood are also great carriers of fleas. Restraining the pet from wandering will help to a great extent in preventing fleas from pouncing on the pet.

Last but not the least grooming parlors where your pet ends up meeting other pets also acts as a breeding ground from where the chances of pet catching fleas from other pets are inevitable.

Now that you are aware about the various sources from which your cute little pet can contract fleas, don’t you think it is high time you took measures to prevent the same?

What Does Your Adorable Pet’s Skin And Coat reveal?

 Frontline spot on for medium-dogs

Have you as a pet owner ever bothered to take time and closely inspect the condition of the coat of your pet? Do you use flea products for eradicating fleas on pets? If not it is high time you started doing so.

Effect of  fleas on pet’s skin and coat:

  • Your pet’s skin and coat reveals a whole lot of information about the condition of your pet’s health.
  • Similar to humans, even pets are prone for skin allergies resulting in a dull and flaky coat.
  • Regular infestations of fleas can make a pet’s skin allergic resulting in itchy skin. 

How do flea products help?

By using  any of the following flea products  with insect growth regulators such as

Adult fleas account for only 1 to 5% of flea population. The rest 95% are larvae, eggs and pupa. Hence, it becomes mandatory to eliminate them.

By using the flea medicines with insect growth regulators, a pet lover can effectively control fleas on pets.

A pet owner can be reassured that his pet is going to have a shiny, healthy and silky coat as the major cause for dull, flaky and itchy skin in most pets is due to flea allergy dramatis.

Following steps listed below will act as a guide for pet lovers to care for their pet’s skin and coat:

Healthy Diet:

  • The importance of a healthy diet for pets along with adequate water for drinking cannot be underrated. 
  • Foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids if fed to pets will help a pet develop a shiny and silky fur coat. 
Regular grooming:

  • Though pets are known to regularly groom themselves, a grooming routine, if maintained always helps. 
  • This is due to the fact that self-grooming does not completely remove dust, dirt and bacteria from the pet’s body.
  • As a result, the chances of skin allergies and irritation increases manifold in pets. 
  • Give bath to the pet with a good flea control soap or shampoo helps kill bacteria and microorganisms causing odor in pets. 
  • Bathing if followed up with a good moisturizer helps keep a pet’s coat soft and shiny. 

Controlling shedding in pets:

  • Shedding in pets cannot be totally prevented. 
  • All pets end up shedding. While some shed less other shed more.
  • By using the right grooming tool meant for pets, the shedding process in pets can be effectively managed. 

Consulting the vet:

  • Though fleas are a major cause for allergy in pets, canines can develop allergies even due to various other reasons. 
  • Regular consultation with a vet will help to know the exact cause for allergy and skin problems in pets and treat it effectively.

Preventing fleas and ticks from infesting the pets rather than treating it would be the right approach to deal with the problem. This is the secret for shiny and healthy coats in pets.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Try Fiprofort Plus Flea Drug For Suspected Dog Allergies

Do you suspect your adorable pooch to be suffering from flea allergies? Try applying the flea allergy drug of Fiprofort Plus to relieve your pet from the constant itching and suffering occurring as a result of flea infestations.

 Which types of feline are prone for flea attacks?

  • Fleas and ticks can infest dog of any breed, age and size. Fleas are prolific parasitic insects which means that it is hard to get rid of them without the use of medications. 
  • For those pet parents who want to use the best flea product for their pets, having a heart to heart talk with their pet’s vet would be the right thing to do.

Most recommended flea products for dog allergies by vets:

  • Most vets recommend Fiprofort Plus from GenericFrontlinePlus to be ideal flea medicine for driving away flea and ticks from pets. 
  • Fiprofort Plus, the flea drug available as over- the- counter (OTC) medicine in most online and local pet stores is a generic version of Frontline Plus. It is made using the two active ingredients of Fipronil and (S) Methorpene. 

Major ingredients of Fiprofort Plus flea medicine for pets:

  • Fipronil, a parasiticide acts by working on the nervous system of the insect .As a result, the animal is totally paralyzed and eventually face its death. 
  • (S) Methorpene, another key ingredient of Fiprofort Plus flea medication inhibits the hatching and growth of new eggs and adult fleas. 

 Application Method :

  • Being oil based flea medicine; the drug of Fiprofort Plus should never be applied on the fur or coat of the animal.
  • Applying the flea medicine between the shoulder blades after parting the hair is suggested to prevent the canine from licking it. 
  • Being water proof, once a month application is enough to protect the pet from fleas.
  • There is no need for reapplication even if the pet gets drenched in rain or swims in the water or even bathed. 
  • Puppies above the week of 8 can be applied with this flea medicine without the fear of any side effects.
  • No major side effects even on adult dogs have been reported from the use of this flea product. 

Certain individual allergic reactions and sensitivities tend to occur in extreme cases. In case of any of the following allergic reactions, medical advice should always be immediately sought:

  •   Swelling of the face 
  •   Uncoordinated movements
  •   Swelling of lips and tongue
  •   Seizure
  •   Itching
  •   Lethargy
  •   Coma and death

Nursing, pregnant canines and puppies below the age of 8 weeks should not be administered with this flea medicine. Any allergic reaction lasting for more than 12 to 24 hours needs to be attended immediately without any waste of time.

With a little precaution any suspected dog allergies can be treated effectively by using the best flea product of Fiprofort Plus.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Ways To Add More Years To Your Cat’s Life

Many cat lovers have the wrong notion that they can increase the life span of their feline friend by feeding it with a diet of high quality. But a cat’s life span is not dependent on food alone.

Food no doubt constitutes an important role in increasing the life span of the cat or kitten. But there are many factors which too equally influence the lifespan of a feline. . The following article makes an effort to throw light on the same. 

Diet high in nutrition:

The importance of diet in increasing the life span of a cat can never be underestimated. Any cat lover 
Who loves his cat from the bottom of his heart will ensure that he feeds his cat with a diet rich in essential minerals and other nutrients. 

With a wide range of cat foods available in the market, it is no doubt difficult to zero in on the best diet food for a cat. The best way to provide a balanced diet to a feline friend is by consulting with his vet. 

Regular Medical checkups:

The best way to stop any medical issue from escalating in to bigger problems is by attending to it immediately in the initial stages. Say for instance, if a cat has started gaining weight in recent times, proper medical checkup followed by an exercise regime will help in getting the cat regain its original weight and shape. 

Regular tests and medical checkups if done will help detect ringworms and flea infestations in cat immediately. Fleas if left undetected may make the cat anemic. Timely medication in the form of Fiprofort Plus if administered can help save the life of the cat.

Fiprofort Plus for cat fleas:

The flea medication of Fiprofort Plus for cats, a generic version of Frontline Plus is an ideal flea medicine to be used on kittens above the age of 8 weeks. 

The key ingredients of Fipronil the insecticide and (S) Methorpene the Insect Growth Regulator act together to get rid of all stages of fleas such as adult fleas, larvae and eggs.

Being water resistant, this flea product of Fiprofort is ideal for cats going in water often. 

This flea medicine effectively controls paralysis in cats for up to 2 weeks.

The fast acting and long lasting feature of Fiprofort Plus makes it the perfect flea medication for cats of all ages. 

The effect of a single application of this flea medicine is likely to last for nearly a month. 

Unconditional love:

Last but not the least, nothing can compensate for the love and affection showered by a pet lover on his cat. A little petting along with  spending few minutes playing with a cat is enough to do the trick 

No toy can act as a substitute for the time spent by a pet owner with his cat. This does not mean that one should not indulge his pet cat with toys. The market is flooded with toys for cats and as a pet enthusiast; it is natural for pet lover to go for such toys. 

Unlike dogs, cat does not run much and they can be kept engaged by giving interactive and brain stimulation toys. 

A pet lover cannot absolve from his responsibilities by just providing his cat with toys. Spending even a few minutes every day with the pet would work wonders for the overall development of the cat. 

Cats are said to have nine lives. Try making this single life of your cat most memorable so that your cat will yearn to share its remaining eight lives with you. Happy cat breeding!

Friday, 9 May 2014

How to avoid food poisoning in pets

Does your pet friend suffer from food poisoning every year? According to Centre’s For Disease Control In America, nearly one out of six pets suffers from food poisoning.

Only those pet owners who have experienced pet poisoning in their pets know what I am talking about. It is not only extremely painful for the pet, but the mental agony along with the physical strain experienced by the pet parents is worth mentioning.

Having knowledge about the toxic food list helps avoid exposing the pet to the toxic chemicals which might sometimes prove detrimental to their health.

List of food items which can prove poisonous to pets:
  • Alcohol
  • Chocolates
  • Fat foods
  • Caffeine
  • Nuts
  • Mushroom
  • Onion and garlic
  • Salt
  • Raw eggs
  • Yeast dough

Symptoms of Poisoning:

  • Breathing problems
  • Loss of appetite
  • Mouth irritation or ulcer
  • Seizure
  • Rashes
  • Weakness
  • Hallucination
  • Diarrhea
  • Coma
  • Death
  • Weakness

Certain toxic substances reveal signs of poisoning immediately. While some toxic substance may take from weeks to months to years for the symptoms to surface.

The sooner a dog receives the treatment, the lesser the chances of damage to its health.

Flea treatment also a cause for poisoning:

  • Certain flea treatments are also known to cause allergy and poisoning in pets. Hence preferably one should choose a branded flea product such as Frontline Plus.
  • Those who find the branded flea products expensive can try opting for generic version of branded flea products such as Fiprofort Plus. They are not only cheap compared to branded ones but also equally effective as the branded ones.  
  • This flea product made using the same ingredients of Frontline Plus such Fipronil and (S) Methoprene has the same effectiveness in warding off fleas.

Hence instead of going for some cheap flea medications and harming the pet, a pet owner has to act with a sense of responsibility and be prudent while choosing food or flea product for his pet.
Be a responsible pet lover from this moment and your pet will love you forever.

How To Understand Your Dog’s Body Language?

Your pet keeps communicating with you all the time. But are you able to understand its expressions and body language?

Canines are very expressive beings. They express a lot of information when they are sad, angry, happy, fearful and nervous.

Your pet’s eyes, voice, tail and ears are the different mediums through which it may communicate its likes, dislikes and discomforts.

Need for understanding dog’s body language:

  • A little effort on your part to understand your dog’s body language will help to strengthen the bonding between you and your dog.
  • The current piece of info  is an effort to list out the different dog behavior and what it expresses.
  • Your canine may be unique and it may or may not exhibit all these traits.
  • The  below mentioned general guidelines is a small effort to enable you to understand the subtle messages given by your adorable pooch from time to time through its behavior and take adequate steps immediately in case of any deviation in the same.

Guidelines of a dog’s body language:

  • Barking is the natural way for a dog to communicate.
  • From whimpers to growling to loud barks, a canine’s bark says a lot whether the pet is happy, anxious nervous or scared.
  • As a pet lover you need to have a keen ear in understanding the regular voice of your pet and also be sensitive enough to notice any change in its voice.
  • Looking for signs such as closed or open mouth of a dog may reveal a lot say dog experts.
  • A curled upper lip of a dog signifies that the dog is ready to snap or bite.
  • A relaxed dog tends to keep his mouth closed or slightly open. An anxious dog generally ends up panting.


  • By looking into the eyes of his beloved pet, a pet buff can understand a lot.
  • Happy dogs generally have bright and normal sized eyes.
  • Aggressive and dominant dogs dare to have eye contact with the person or animal that they want to attack.
  • Scared, sick or stressed dogs eyes may be of a smaller size than the normal size. A dog inflicted with fleas may reveal sick eyes.
  • In such situations seeking immediately help or treating it with over the counter drugs for fleas such as Frontline spot or frontline spray will provide it with the much needed relief and its eyes will regain its normal brightness and size.
  • The branded flea medications of Frontline help eradicate fleas in pets within 24 hours of applications and thus help reduce their discomfort.
  • Fear aggressive dogs may have their pupils dilated and whites of their eyes exposed.


  • Looking at the position of the dog’s ears, a pet owner can comprehend many things.
  • A dog holds its ears normally when it is comfortable.
  • When ears are slightly above the head, it means the canine is alert or listening.
  • Dog ears slightly pulled back means the pooch is in a friendly mood.
  • Flattened ears to head or ears to the side reveal a submissive or fearful dog.


  • A happy dog generally wags its tail while a fearful dog will have a rigid tail. A scared or submissive dog will hold its tail between its legs.
  • Dogs also wag their tail when they are in an aggressive mood, hence understanding the other body language goes a long way in helping to determine the exact reason.

Pet care does not get restricted only with providing food, shelter and care, it goes much beyond that.
Only a caring and sensitive pet owner will be able to understand the subtle messages revealed by the body language of the pet and take appropriate actions on it.

If you want to be counted one among such sensitive pet lovers, it is high time you paid more attention to your canine’s body language.

It won’t be long before you will understand the minutest need of your pet only through its body language without the need for your furry friend to communicate anything verbally to you.

Monday, 5 May 2014

How much time do you allot for dog care every day

Whether you are a good pet parent is decided by the time allotted by you for dog care every day. For all those pet lovers who want to be termed as the owner of a robust, active and healthy dog, the secret lies in grooming their adorable pet. 

Groomed pet most popular:
  • A healthy clean, hygienic and good smelling dog is always popular among friends and relatives.
  • The responsibility for regular grooming of a dog rests entirely on you as a pet parent.

 How does grooming help a pet?
  • Grooming is essential for providing better health to a pet. Grooming if made a daily routine helps the pet remain hygienic and free from diseases.
  • An ungrounded pet becomes a likely source for attracting fleas. This in turn could become an open invitation for various diseases such as Lyme disease, American Rocky and Mountain Fever.

Flea treatment of an ungrounded pet:

God forbid, if an ungrounded pet catches fleas, that does not mean the end of the world. The same can be treated with the help of the topical application of Fiprofort Plus, the generic version of Frontline Plus flea medication.

  • Fleas and ungrounded pet have mutual attraction for each other.
  • Fleas can be a permanent nuisance for a pet with its health getting deteriorated gradually.
  • A flea infested pet can be anemic in the long run if not treated properly.
  • Flea treatment can be done by either showing to a vet or by going for over the counter medication such as Fiprofort Plus.
  • The Frontline flea medication of Fiprofort plus is known to both control growth fleas of and also prevents their reinfestation.
  • Being water resistant, it can be even used on pets going into water.
  • Easy application method of Fiprofort Plus makes it more popular among pet owners. Most information about the application method being printed on each pack makes the job easier.

A basic grooming schedule of a dog should include the following steps:
  • Brushing the teeth
  • Cleaning the ears
  • Removal of stains from eyes
  • Trimming of nails
  • Brushing to avoid matting of hair.
Grooming done at home using proper grooming tools is better than going to a professional groomer. This helps create a bond between the dog and its owner. It also prevents the risk of the pet catching infections due to the grooming tools not disinfected properly.