Friday, 28 December 2012

Why selecting good dog fleas cure is so crucial

Fleas are not just parasites for a pet but they are carrier of various diseases like tape worm infection, flea allergies, anemia, skin rashes, hair loss etc. In other words, it can be said that fleas are a silent killer and flea attack must be taken very seriously.

Just selecting a flea medication is not enough as there are various products that claim to kill fleas but selecting the right product is the challenge. It is essential that one choose the right product so that the dog does not face any adverse effect of harmful pesticides contained in low priced flea control products. The right flea medication will contain all those ingredients, which will kill the flea in all its stages. Let us have a better look into it.

Criteria of choosing dog flea medication

There are three stages of fleas, the egg, larva, and the adult flea. The product that you choose must have certain ingredients that will easily kill these three stages of fleas. Look for these ingredients in the flea medication that you buy

An essential insecticide kills adult fleas and even ticks. It attacks the nervous system of the fleas and paralyses it. This kills the fleas instantly and relives the dog from the long-suffering of itching and associated skin rashes. It is safe to be used on pets which are 8 weeks or older and it remains active for 3 months (Not recommended for pregnant, breastfeeding, or weak pets). This ingredient must be there in the flea medication.

It is an ideal (insect development inhibitor) which kills dog fleas in its initial stage i.e. Egg and larva stage. This will kill dog fleas even before it grows to become adult thus eroding the entire life cycle of the fleas completely.

Milbemycin is an essential ingredient will kill not only kill dog fleas in all its stages but will also prevent the occurrence of various diseases in the pet. It will protect the dog from tapeworm, whipworm, heartworm, and roundworm.
It is crucial to select a good dog flea control so look for these ingredients in the dog flea control medication to ensure 100% safety to your dogs.

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