Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Don’t Flee the Dog Fleas- Cure It Carefully

Dog fleas are found mostly on pets but the eggs of the same are found in every that place where your dog will go like your garden, lawn, even home or park. It is very important that when you treat fleas on your dog, you must also treat the environment where it is living else the flea treatment will be of no use. Here are some steps regarding how you should do the dog fleas treatment.

Treatment for dog fleas  The flea treatment must include these parameters
  • Treating the fleas in the indoor environment
  • Treating the fleas in the outdoor environment
  • Removing the fleas from the body of the pet
  • Preventing the flea eggs from developing
  1. Vacuum - For treating the indoor dog fleas, vacuuming is the best option. You need to vacuum all areas of your house especially the rug, carpet, curtains etc. This will suck up all hidden fleas. Make sure you sprinkle some salt and baking powder all over the carpet and leave it overnight; this will kill the fleas by dehydrating their body.
  2. The right flea treatment - You must select the right flea treatment, which has both insect growth regulator and adulticide. This will not only kill the adult fleas but also their eggs and larva. It is very important that you choose the right product and treat pests completely ensuring that their life cycle is finished.
  3. Treat other places - Wash other places where your dog spends maximum time like a basement, garage, terrace etc. these places must be flea free without fail.
  4. The outdoor environment - Make sure that you clean your garden or lawn of organic debris. Moisture trapped in these along with sunlight makes the perfect hot and humid atmosphere for breeding of dog fleas and ticks as well. If your dog goes all about these places it is quite likely that he will be infected by fleas.
  5. Treat your dog - Inspect your pet of dog fleas by combing it with a flea comb and shampooing it with a good flea control shampoo. This will kill the fleas and the eggs of the same making the pet absolutely flea free.
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