Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Flea Control- Keep Fleas Out Of Your Pet's Life This Christmas

Christmas is a time to celebrate but how can you enjoy when fleas affect your dog, which is causing considerable discomfort to it. Here are some flea control techniques that I have tried; they are a combination of natural as well as medicated effort. These methods were very useful when I used them on my cat and my cat is now happy and healthy.


Effective methods of flea control 

Salt is a traditional method of flea control, which has been always been successful. Vacuuming does help suck out fleas from corners of room and from carpet but before doing this, one must sprinkle salt all over it and leave it for the whole night. Salt will dehydrate the bodies of fleas and its eggs thus killing them all and eradicating them completely. This is the best flea medication as it is 100% side effect free.

Kill the breeding cycle

It is very essential to kill the complete cycle of fleas and for this; you need to comb fur of your dog every day. Eggs of fleas hatch after every three day so it is essential that as soon as they appear they must be removed with a flea comb. Put every flea in a glass of alcohol to kill it instantly. Following this step is very essential for proper flea control.

Frontline Plus

Frontline Plus is a very strong and appropriate medicine. It is recommended for flea control by many vets. The usage and application of Frontline Plus has to be strictly as per the vet’s direction if you want the flea control to be 100% effective.

Apart from trying out all these methods it is essential that you don’t let your pet roam about in the wild and allow it to mix with other’s pets. Keep the lawn/garden clean and do not allow any grass or left over leaves to accumulate. These things along with moist atmosphere will provide the perfect ambiance for breading of fleas. Along with the proper remedy, make sure you follow these steps.

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