Monday, 24 December 2012

Cheap Christmas Gifts: Cure Dog Fleas with Side-effects Free Flea Medication

All about exciting Christmas gifts for dogs

Xmas is on its way and we are there are to guide you in selecting the perfect gift for your pooch this festive season. Whether your dog is a tiny pooch or a big one, it is a part of your family and gifting him something healthy on Christmas is your responsibility. This is the sign of a good dog owner.


Every dog owner takes proper care of their companion by playing with them, grooming them, feeding them their favorite treat and taking them to vets for regular checkups. This holiday season give your adorable canine a side-effect free dog flea medication and keep him in the pink of health. This is among the cheap Christmas gifts yet a healthy one. Your doggie will thank you for this.

Keep your dog flea free this Christmas
  • Salt Water: as per studies it has been proven that washing floors and interior walls of a doghouse every week with salt water solution will help to ward off fleas from your pooch.
  • Essential oil bath: If your dog has suffered flea bites, then it is high time to give him an essential oil bath. It is always a wise decision to choose a natural alternative for treating fleas. Select tea tree, lavender or rosemary essential oil for effective results. This is amongst a cheap Christmas gifts and one of the best flea medication.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: Mix two parts apple cider vinegar with one part water and use this as a spray outdoors. Apart from helping to kill fleas, this will help pests in jumping off and away from your doggie. Make it a point in drenching your dog’s fur with this solution and then comb thoroughly.
Give your dog this flea medication, one amongst the healthy yet cheap Christmas gifts to show your deep love and understanding for your companion. Visit Generic Frontline Plus and find out more information about Frontline Plus For Dogs, Frontline Plus for Cats. You may also visit our blog to subscribe for regular pet care and product information.

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