Thursday, 27 December 2012

Discount Christmas Offer - 15% Flat Discount on Flea and Tick Medication

Discount Christmas Offer - 15% Flat Discount on Flea and Tick Medication With the onset of Christmas season, discounts and offers pour in almost every product that you purchase, but this season there are much more to these offers. This season such offers are on products, which are meant for the welfare of pets. These products are available at a flat discount of 15%, now isn’t this a good news?

  Flea killer for dogs at discount Christmas offer Fleas in dogs are nothing but slow killer; they suck blood from the pet at a slow rate and make the dog ill. Symptoms of fleas and ticks do not show up immediately. If the dog is having one or two fleas, it will not show any symptoms other than some itching and scratching, but if pests are not taken care of at the right time, then slowly the dog will lose its health. This is why many vets suggest combing the dog as soon as it returns from a walk. This will ensure that fleas are killed as soon as they appear. Vets also suggest Frontline Plus for dogs as it is the best flea killer for dogs. This season since there is a flat discount of 15% is being offered at this flea control product so this makes it easy for buyers. Frontline Plus is a reputed brand of flea killer available for dogs. It is a two in one medication, which kills fleas, ticks, in adult as well as in egg form. This product has been tested on various parameters and it has been proved safe on pets, older as well as pregnant pets. So this season buy the best flea killer for dogs at the discount Christmas offer. Along with this offer, you will also get free shipping with the purchase of this product. So hurry up folks!

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