Wednesday, 30 October 2013

How much is too much in terms of dog diet

If you love your pet, do not over feed him (or under feed him). Given is a generic list of diet to be followed for sound health of your canine.

A caring pet owner will always make sure his pets never starve. The food bowl will always have something in it. I recently read a news article where an elephant owner was so fond of eating junk food, that he fed his pet the same. 

The elephant developed a taste for junk food and it went to an extent where it died or arthritis. Medical reports suggested obesity and excessive unnatural food consumption. The real reason though was the owner’s ignorance to his pet’s diet. 

Junk food by no means can become a  staple diet for animals but sometimes because we love our pets so much, we end up either feeding him too much ( too less in some cases ) or the wrong food.  

So the million dollar question is what is the benchmark for a dog diet?  The answer to this depends on the size, age and your dog’s breed of your canine. So here is a list of generally accepted diet plan for your pet.

List of generally accepted diet plan for your  pet

Lot of Water Intake

Dogs are hot blooded animals. Hence they always need to cool down to keep their body temperature at par. Keep a bowl of clean water near to its resting place.  Always refill or change the contents as and when required. 

One whole meal a day

Dogs are born hunters, so their physique is designed appropriately to that. Their teeth are meant to tear more than chew, unlike humans. So their diet should involve food which does not lead a lot of chewing.  One meal a day, whenever it is accustomed to be preferable. Don’t overheat the food as it may take away the nutritional value of the meal. Over-feeding may lead to your dog becoming lethargic. 

Keep it on the natural side

The best diet for your diet should be a mix of natural food with some amount of food supplements. Follow a diet plan- Consult your vet and get the best diet plan designed and follow it on day-in-day-out basis. When paired in the right proportion, it can build the immune system and fight against health concerns and flea problems. Feeding your pet only with one and neglecting other would not help in overall development 

Make it wholesome 

A diet should have the right balance of essential nutrients (again depending on age, breed and size) for your pet friend. Carbohydrates, Proteins, Vegetables and Supplements should constitute the majority of the diet. 
Avoid this- Chocolate, Garlic, Onions and nuts are some of the most commonly consumed foods globally by humans, although they are not good for your pet’s health. After flea allergies, food allergy accounts for dog’s health problems.

Follow the diet plan

Consult your vet and get the best diet plan designed and follow it on day-in-day-out basis. 

Your pet’s health is in your hands and accordingly takes actions to ensure it at all costs.  

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