Thursday, 17 October 2013

Halloween is here with a fabulous discount offer of up to 30% off on our anti-flea products

One fine sunny day …today!

Mother Flea – “Dear, what are you planning this Halloween?”

                                            Father Flea- “Well, I am planning to buy a nice Halloween costume and scare the crows out of the cats”.

Mother Flea- “Wow, did you find a new cat?”

Father Flea- “Yes, It is fat, hairy and very cozy. I was hanging out in the garden and found this feline. I could smell fresh blood from a distance and jumped onto it”.

Mother Flea- “I am so proud of you. I am going to lay 
All my eggs on our new found home”.

                                                        Father Flea- “yes, I will inform other as
well. Take care sugar and stay safe. I will be right back”. 

This sounds like an excerpt from a film but this happens every day around us. 

Luckily we intercepted this conversation before the dog could be infected and decided to launch a grand Halloween treat for our pet friends.

This Halloween we have decided to make your pets smile. Be it a pet dog or a cat, we want to see them happy and excited.  As we all know, festivals brings happiness, we would like to share in this happiness by offering a 20% discount on all Frontline Plus products and  30% discount on all GenericFrontlinePlus products  to help you get rid of all the flea problems. 

All you have to do it click on  and select the right product depending upon your pet’s requirement from the wide range of products on our catalogue. Use the coupon code 20pgfp13 for frontline plus products and "hellogfp13" as coupon code for generic frontline plus products. The Halloween offer has started on 15th October 2013 and will be valid till the Halloween day which is 31st October 2013.

Act now, before the fleas read about this because the cat is already out of the box.

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