Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Why does your dog fall ill?

How does it feel when you see that your pet, which you are used to play around or cuddle up with, does not do his normal activities?  With pale eyes and unexcited body language, it sits in a corner, with his tail curled up around his body and his head dug deep in-between.

It is a sign that your dog is not happy with whatever is happening to it, either internally or externally. More often than not, it would be suffering from some health problem. Dogs are prone to multiple diseases.  Some of the basic reasons for your canine falling ill are listed below–

Viral Infections

Virus attacks the nervous system and weakens the immunization which in turn opens up doors to further problems. You must have seen a lot of us start sneezing when we are getting out house painted or re-decorated. It happens because of the distemper that is used. Dogs, alike are prone to it. Other major factors are the air-borne virus that get caught when out pets are outdoors

Diet Pattern 

Some dogs eat what their owners eat because that is what they are served. Although dogs and humans have descended from different ancestors, hence their dietary requirements will vary.
Also, too much of spices in food are a bane to your dog’s health

External Parasites

Flea and tick problems are major risk factors. They are hard to locate and they can easily latch on to their vectors. They multiply fast and if not taken care of immediately, may be a major concern. They carry some bacteria which are endemic in nature.


Due to changing environment, dogs have developed similar health conditions to that of a human, namely heart related problems, arthritis and sometimes even cancer.

Ignorance can be fatal. One unspoken rule of keeping a pet dog is to know all the possible grey areas with your pet’s health. Treatments and specialist consultations may be costly (depending upon the diagnosis) but using precautionary measures can definitely add years to your pet’s life.

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