Friday, 8 November 2013

Treat your pet from fleas and ticks naturally

If you are a pet owner then you must know what fleas are and how they can destroy the health of your pet. Fleas are bloodsucking parasites they jump and can hide in the fur of your pet.

There are several types of fleas among all Ctenocephalides felis, a cat flea is common and mostly occur in a dog strange but true. Fleas choose humid and warm conditions preferably at low altitude.

Female fleas suck blood and grew fast, then later lays up to 25 to 30 eggs in a day. If you find your pet itching and scratching continuously and you have noticed red bumps on your pet then your pet might be having fleas.

Identify fleas on your pet:

If you find your pet itching and scratching then you need to check fleas on them. Use fine toothed flea comb and see for fleas on your pet.

If you see a bald portion on your pet then watch for reddish brown fleas on your pet.

If you have seen even a single flea on the bedding or carpets in your home then the chances of flea infestation increases.

It is necessary to clean the existing fleas and also need to prevent flea attacks on your pet. Here are given the ways to kill fleas naturally.

Natural remedies to control fleas:

Use garlic powder, peppermint oil to remove flea infestation. Prepare lemon sprays and spray it on your pet’s body. Prepare flea collar dipped in peppermint oil and tie it to your pet’s neck.

Vacuum everywhere cleans the pet bedding washes the clothes used for pet this will help to prevent as well kill fleas.

It is also essential to control fleas from outdoor environments so please clean your backyard as well. One can plant peppermint trees to avoid fleas to enter in your home.

Flea Medications:

One can go for trusted flea medications if suggested by the veterinarian. There is various type of flea medications available in the market, choose the best and used them as instructed by the vet.

Go for easy to apply liquid solutions and make sure that they are waterproof as pets love to get wet.
Try the above flea treatments to ensure proper flea control inside as well as outside your house.

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