Saturday, 19 October 2013

Playing hide and seek with fleas

Hide-and-seek has been one of the favorite games that children play across the globe. Who ever thought of this game first must have been a genius as it teaches children to be cautious and to develop strategies. Surely, most of us would like to hide than seek as being easier than the latter, but what if you have to seek a master hider? You have to really play smart.  

It all seems well until you are seeking someone (or something) that is less than 3mm in length that too through millions of places where it can hide. Yes, fleas have that advantage, needless to say we don’t.  Where the fleas could be hiding today?

On your pet’s fur

Almost all kinds of animals are prone to flea attacks. As your pet goes outdoor quite often, it can catch fleas almost anywhere it goes. Also, if it comes in contact with another animal that is already infected, chances are high that your furry friend will bring home some unwanted guests.

Inside our house

Our house being warm is ideal place. Your pets become a vector as they lay eggs on their fur and wherever your pet sits, the eggs roll down and make it their home. It could be furniture, carpet, flooring or an ignored corner as well.

Inside the dog house

If you have built a dog house outside your main house, that could be a hideout as well. If not well kept or is always humid, it would soon catch a flea infestation

Garden or Lawn

Fleas can hide in grass easily and whenever someone passes through their way, they can latch on to the any kind of fur.

Our vehicles

If our pets travel in our cars frequently, chances are that they might leave some flea eggs behind if they have a flea allergy. Check under the seat cushions for any suspicious activity.

It is almost impossible to see it coming but it can be controlled by using Generic Frontline Plus. The game is on!!

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