Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Ways to get rid of fleas –Vinegar

For all the people who love to cook, vinegar becomes one of the basic ingredients while making pickles or salad dressings. Also, you can use it to make mayonnaise and ketchup. As a pet owner, what do you do if you have extra vinegar at home? Use it as a flea medicine. You may come across different types of vinegars available; consult a professional while choosing the right one.

As it contains acetic acid, it can be used in cleaning. We all know by now that if you have a pet, keeping the house clean is very important. Vinegar, being acidic in nature can be used as a cleansing agent. It works well when cleaning glasses, stainless steel, coffee stains and smooth surfaces.

As the winter sets in, the fleas would look for a hide-out which is warm and cozy. Our homes are ideal for fleas to thrive. Using a strong disinfectant such as  vinegar can also be a cost-effective way to get rid of fleas.

Vinegar is fatal for fleas as they cannot stand the taste and smell of it. Using the right amount in the right way can be a boon for your pet.

You can either apply it directly with hands or you can mix it with warm water and detergent, make a paste of it and apply it. Avoid any contact with eyes as that might cause irritation to your pet friend.  Comb the pet’s fur once done to see the fleas fall off and die instantly. 

Likewise, wherever the pet sits, shakes its body or sleeps, that area might be infected with fleas. Spray some vinegar in all such places such as  the carpet, bedding, floor mat, furniture and rugs to disinfect the area. Once you do that your pet can happily relax there.

In case you want to use other alternatives to kill fleas, you can use Aspis Forte by GenericFrontlinePlus which is equally effective 

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