Monday, 28 October 2013

Know your pet’s enemy - Flea

If you know your enemy well, you might find the cure and restrict the seriousness of the problem. The same logic applies to getting rid of fleas.

We all love our pets! We go to any extent to make it look the best, in the same way we should also take the same efforts to make the pet healthy. If we keep a look out for the symptoms, we can either prevent it or cure it at an  early stage. 

A smart owner will always follow this – a pet will is healthy from inside is beautiful outside. So let us take an insight in our pet’s enemy – the flea and then the symptoms to curb them.

Flea facts:

Not all fleas are adult fleas, in fact only 5% attain adulthood.
There are more than 2000 sub species of  fleas.
A female flea can lay dozens of eggs per day.
Fleas can be found almost anywhere in warm conditions.
Summer and autumn are their favorite seasons.
Fleas don’t fly but they jump to those lengths which is impossible in human comparison.
Fleas are blood suckers
Fleas can spend months as larvae.
Fleas are not made to survive in cold temperatures
Fleas cause major health concerns in pets
Fleas are visible if observed carefully
Fleas can be killed

Most common symptoms

Itching and scratching
As fleas primarily feed on host blood, they would bite and draw blood out. That would cause a lot of irritation to the pet and it would keep scratching throughout. The itching can cause serious problems going forward..

Hair loss and dry skin may cause inflammation and red bumps may be visible in the most prone affected areas on your pet’s body. These would be mainly because the pet tries to bite off the pests but fails to do so.

Dark-specs in fur
If you have been a pet owner for quite a while now, you would be able to see dark brown specs in the fur moving around at a considerable speed. Otherwise consult a vet.

The last fact mentioned above talks about killing the fleas. Before the problem turns grave, use the flea control treatments which are available both at home and in the stores.

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