Friday, 4 October 2013

Be The Best Friend For Your Dog

A survey was conducted and a set of people was asked this question.  How much do you love your dog? Answer to this question was instant and obvious at the same time -I love it a lot, it is like my family member, it is like my best friend amongst the most common.

But do we actually stand true to these words? Our life has become so busy that we sometimes ignore out pet’s health. But if we are looking for a life-long companion and we have taken its responsibility, then it becomes one of our prime duties.  It does not take a lot for pet care.  Dogs require the same level of care like our babies need. 

Give your pets all essential food supplements depending upon the breed, size and age of your pet. It would help to stimulate growth. Observe the changes that take place and keep a note of it. Discuss the changes and behavioral pattern with your vet for further course of action. Make sure that the diet is rich in nutrition content. Design a health plan and follow it religiously.

Keep the surroundings clean to avoid all major health concerns for your pet. Keep the place lively and safe for your pet. Vacuum clean it regularly and use mild disinfectants, if necessary.  Prevention is always better than cure. Don’t wait for your canine to fall prey to health concerns. Vaccinate your pets against all common diseases. In case it gets exposed to any to any disease or infection, act immediately.

Flea infestation is common amongst our pets. Products like Aspis Forte by Generic Frontline Plus can be worth using to quickly get rid of it.

The best thing about our pet friend is that their demands are low; they do not expect gadgets, branded clothes, automobiles. All they expect is someone looking after them and giving them back the same love and affection that they give to their owners. They are looking for a good friend in you. 

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