Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Flea medication must be free from all side-effects why

There are various reasons why a flea medication must be side effect free. Flea medications are formulated with the intention of killing dog fleas.

Bad odor

Some flea medications have a very strong odor that is not only irritating to the pet but to its owner as well. Such medications smell like pills and annoy the pet; as a result, the pet starts licking its body and takes in the flea medication. Since these medications have chemicals in them, therefore it harms the pet considerably. Therefore, you see that it is a chain reaction, which starts with the bad odor and harms the pet gradually.

Causes brain damage

Some dog flea medication is so harmful that they can cause permanent damage to the brain. Pets have known to suffer from seizures and some have even collapsed because of the application of such harmful flea medication.
Apart from these, the flea medications also cause stomach pain and ulcer. It is therefore better to choose natural remedies that will keep your pet safe and your pet will be relieved from the ugly side effect of flea medication.

Some additional tips

  • Choose the flea medication, which suits the most to your pet. The flea medication for dog must not be used for dogs and vice versa.
  • Follow the instructions mentioned over the package of dog fleas’ medication.
  • Always do a patch test to make sure that the pet is not allergic to the medication.
  • In case you see, any sign that your pet is not responding to the medication then consult the vet as soon as possible.
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