Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Ward Off Dog Fleas Now It’s High Time

Is your pet suffering from dog fleas then why are you wasting time in buying some useless medications? Fleas are really a tough thing, they may look small, but they can cause enough menace to trouble you and your pet of course.

You must be observing dog flea’s dirt in your pet’s bed early in the morning; this is because when your pet sleeps in the night, fleas breed during that time. They suck blood from the body of your dear pet and nourish themselves.

When these fleas I did not take it very seriously infected my dog, that was the great mistake I made. In just a few days, my dog became so weak and it hardly had the stamina to stand on its feet. To me that was a sin that I did not take care of my pet well?

When my friend suggested me to take it to vet immediately I made no delay in doing it. The vet was shocked to see the condition of my pet, he immediately suggested me to give it a bath and apply Frontline plus. I did as he said and there was some improvement in the condition of my doggy. I did exactly as he said without any second thought.
It also washed and vacuumed the house so that all dog fleas can be washed away. The vet also suggested me to feed a high protein diet to my pet so that it can get some stamina to fight with the dog fleas.

I did exactly as he said and after two weeks my dog was in its original form. Apart from using Frontline Plus I also used lemon spray to kill dog fleas at the hidden corners of the house. Now after trying all these things my pet and my house is finally free from all dog fleas and ticks as well.

If your pet is also suffering then you must not delay as well. Inspect your pet of all dog fleas and see if there are any fleas and ticks. Do the needful as soon as possible as the pet may be suffering a lot?

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