Monday, 4 February 2013

Ways a puppy flea control works wonderfully

frontlineplus6s-upto10kgThere cannot be anything more disappointing than seeing the cute innocent puppy you just adopted infected by fleas and ticks. Pet owners treat their pets like their child, and it is very painful to see them in pain and agony. More than this puppy do not have enough blood in their body so being infected by fleas and ticks for a long period will make them anemic. A puppy flea control must be therefore very fast and effective taking care of the health of the puppy at the same time.

Never make the mistake of using harsh chemical laden flea control on puppies, as they are too gentle and fragile to handle such chemical attack. Choosing a holistic method of puppy flea control to treat fleas and ticks in puppies is the need of the time; let us look at some holistic methods.

Puppy flea control must be holistic Be gentle on the puppy

Ticks most often accompany fleas. It is very challenging to kill a tick. Use the appropriate method to pull out ticks with a tweezers. This method may cause some pain to your puppy so make sure you do it properly. If you are not sure then take help of a vet.

Use neem instead of antiseptic

Neem is the best antiseptic that you can get, after pulling out the tick apply some neem juice on that area. Even if fleas do not infect your puppy then too you can apply neem juice all over its skin by parting its fur. It is best to apply this neem juice after you have given it a bath. After applying the juice there is no need to bath the puppy again. This the safest puppy flea control that you can get.

Wash everything on routine basis

Wash curtains, beddings (puppy and you), sofa cover, kid’s toys etc. So that the house remains free of fleas and ticks. Keep your yard free from fleas and ticks by spraying some garlic spray so that when your puppy rolls over the grass, there are no fleas and ticks to infect it. Keep the surrounding neat and clean, of fallen leaves etc.
A holistic puppy flea control method is to ensure a safe and healthy atmosphere to your puppy. Train your puppy not to make friends with other puppies or cats; they may be potential carrier of fleas and tick. If your puppy feels alone buy him a companion.

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  2. Thank you very much for writing this useful review of "Puppy flea control". You are right, pets are like kids and it is very painful to see them suffering from various diseases. Hope puppy flea control will help removing flea infestation form my loving cat's body.