Wednesday, 6 February 2013

A New Year gift for your dog this season- A Flea free world

New Year is the most waited time of the year, even months before this festive season comes, planning, and preparations for the same begins. Everyone plans for something new this season like making unique cakes, different decorations, buying unusual New Year gifts etc., but have you all thought that our dear companions, our pets also require the something different and good in this festive season?

Pet lovers must be wondering that they love and take care of their beloved pet very much but what can be an unusual gift to them. The New Year gift for pets will be to gift them a disease free world where they can live without the fear of being infected by any internal or external parasites.

Yes, you all have guessed it right, I am talking about dog fleas and ticks, which are a slow killer for pets and cause considerable harm to them in different ways. Therefore, don’t you think that protecting your pets from these pests (tick and flea) are a New Year Gift in itself?

The danger of dog fleas and ticks
  • Fleas are no less than killers are. They cause considerable harm to pets and gradually makes the pet weak and feeble.
  • Dog fleas carry the risk of tapeworm infection in pets. Fleas carry tapeworm eggs in them and when the dog grooms itself, it in-digests the fleas and gradually the tapeworm eggs. These worms stick to the intestine of the dog and causes infection in the same.
  • Dog flea’s sucks blood from the pet continuously for many hours and makes the pet weak. This is because it’s not one flea but many fleas at one time sucking blood from the pet. When fleas infection is very severe it may also lead to the death of the animal.
  • Along with tapeworm, the dog is at higher risk of being infected by hookworm and heartworms. Therefore, it is suggested that in this festive season find out some time for your pet and inspects it for fleas and ticks.
Even if you notice one flea, start the treatment immediately as even one flea can be dangerous. This will be the unique New Year Gift for your pet.

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