Monday, 11 February 2013

Simply kick out dog fleas from life of your pooch

Fleas and ticks were troubling my pooch for quite some time. I was trying all ways to keep my pooch away from these tiny monster’s but all my effort was going to waste as fleas use to come back after a few days. I cannot express how frustrated I felt, as I was not able to get that from where these fleas and ticks were coming.

I searched about it and I discovered a shocking fact. I learnt that fleas and ticks just do not stick it cats and dogs, they exist in the environment as well. If your pet is infected by dog fleas then there are more fleas in its environment and in its bedding than on the body of the pet.

So far, my effort has been just half and then I developed a new strategy to kill these fleas. Are you interested in knowing my unique ways? Then keep reading.

My unique weapon for killing dog fleas

Citrus oil and vinegar

I thought that these things are used only in cooking but my knowledge was limited. I read that mopping the floor with citrus oil and vinegar keep fleas and ticks. This is the cheapest flea and tick medication and any one can afford it. I used it just once a week and was amazed to see the results. My house smelled good, there was no tick dirt on doormats, and my dog’s bedding.

Washing the bedding of pets with lemon juice

I washed the pet’s bedding with hot soapy water to kill fleas and ticks and then after rinsing it with water I dipped the bedding in bucket of lemon juice diluted in water. I then dried the bedding under the Sun so that fleas are dead and due to the fragrance of lemon, they did not come back. My pet’s bedding was free from dog fleas at last.

Natural tick medication for my pet

I gave my pet bath with an herbal shampoo and then washed it properly with warm water. I then applied a few drops of eucalyptus oil over its shoulder blades and at the inner side of its thigh. My pet smelled great and it was looking very cheer full as well.

So pet lovers if your pet is also suffering from dog fleas then try out these methods. These methods are awesome and 100% effective trust me

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