Monday, 11 February 2013

Frontline Plus for dog is a safe flea and tick medication for your dog

Frontline Plus for dog is a safe flea and tick medication for your dog

 Fleas are usually known start in May and go all the way till the winter months and the worst months are September, October and November. Therefore as summer or rather the season of flea and ticks are round the corner, it is important that you have ready an effective dog fleas and tick medication that can nip the bud at its root. One of them is Frontline Plus for dog that is excellent in providing as fast, effective as well as an effective treatment that control fleas as well as ticks in dogs and puppies in a jiffy.

Frontline plus helps in preventing infestations by killing the flea adults, eggs and larvae. This effective flea treatment is an extremely helpful treatment that prevents all flea stages i.e. the eggs, larvae and the pupae from developing fully and also kills fleas that can cause flea allergy dermatitis. As for ticks, Frontline Plus for dog also kills all stages of the deer ticks, the American dog ticks, the lone star ticks and at the same time prevents and controls re-infestations. Ticks are known to be more of a nuisance than dog fleas because they often lead to serious diseases in dogs or sometimes even to humans. Frontline Plus for dogs: Benefits
  • Kills ticks and chewing lice
  • Kills all existing fleas on your pet
  • Is very convenient for pets that love to swim since it is waterproof
  • Each application provides a full month protection
  • Also aids in sarcoptic mange infections
What makers Frontline Plus for dog so effective is the fact that it contains fipronil, a broad-spectrum insecticide as well as a slow acting poison that destroys the central nervous system of the parasites. While S-methoprene, an insect growth regulator kills dog fleas eggs as well as larvae. Try it out once you will know the difference for yourself.

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