Friday, 8 February 2013

Precautions To Take While Selecting A Tick Medication For Dogs And Cats

No one likes to see their pets in pain and discomfort of being infected by fleas and ticks. The most common mistake that pet lovers do while selecting a tick medication is to go for the medication, which has the maximum advertisement. While some people think that the medicine, which is more expensive, is the best, but this is not the fact. Look at some tips that I used in selecting the right tick medication.

Tips while selecting the appropriate tick and flea medication
  1. If there is any other type of pet in your house then it is better to use a natural tick medication or keep the pets away from each other. Some ticks and flea medication meant for dogs are harmful for cats and small animals like rabbit.
  2. Check out whether both fleas and ticks or just one of these infected your pet. There are some medications, which kills fleas while some kills just ticks. Only few medicines kill both fleas and ticks.
  3. Fleas and ticks are easy to kill but have you thought about preventing your dog from heartworm as well? Find out a suitable medication to kill these worms and some tips to prevent the occurrence of these internal parasites. Heartworms are deadly for dogs.
  4. Some products are expensive but when it comes to choosing the right tick medication, do not look at the price but the quality of the same.
  5. If your dog is going for swimming classes often then the tick medication must be waterproof else all efforts will go in vain. Make sure that you read the instructions carefully before you buy the right medication.
These were some important information, which one must follow while selecting the right flea and tick medication so that your pet is safe and secure.

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