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causes of dog fleas discovered

causes of dog fleas discovered

You have kept your dog in top condition but sadly, dog fleas have infected it. You will definitely be worried as your pet is scratching and suffering from accompanied wounds. It is suggested to do a flea treatment immediately but along with doing it, you must also know the ways through which fleas have infected your pet. You can prevent flea infection only when you know the cause for it.

Causes of fleas infection in dogs

Fleas from other pets One of the most common way through which your dear pet is infected by fleas is by coming in contact with other pets, those who has fleas and ticks. Fleas cannot live without a host so adult fleas can come to your pet only from another host’s body.

 Fleas jump from one body to another Irrespective of the small size of dog fleas, they are capable of jumping from one body to another. Therefore, you must always keep your pet dog or cat from other small animals. A flea can produce 30 eggs everyday so it will lay thousands of eggs in its entire lifetime.

If you have left your pet somewhere out and it met any other animal, then it is quite likely that it was infected by fleas and ticks from there. Fleas can come from garden and yards which are not cleaned Fleas breed in hot humid region. If your garden is not cleaned and leaves have accumulated all over the place, then it will provide the perfect breeding ambience for fleas and ticks.

Just applying a flea or tick medication will not help your cat or dog, along with this, you also need to make other efforts like cleaning the yard or garden. These are some other ways by which fleas and ticks make their way to your pet’s body. Check out these methods along with applying a flea or tick medication.

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