Thursday, 17 January 2013

Unique New Year gift- Cure dog fleas effectively this New Year

A very happy new year to all my readers, am sure this new year has brought in new hopes and joys with it. Along with you, this new year also brings reasons, which will make your pet happy, as with a unique product, your pet will be free from fleas and ticks. You can do this by treating your pet dog with appropriate dog flea medication. There have been a number of debates in the recent years about the effectiveness of flea and tick medications. While the manufacture of these medications claims that these are safe to be used on pets but the fact has a different story to tell.

Some dangerous of dog fleas and tick medications
  1. Most of the tick medications contain harmful pesticides which have a fatal effect on pets
  2. Medications, which are meant for dogs, are not suitable for cats; similar medications, which are meant for cats, are not suitable for rabbit. This is because some pets have a very sensitive liver, which cannot filter all types of toxins.
  3. Some dog flea medications are available in the form of tablets but such tablets must be recommended by a renowned vet to be safe for pets.
Unique new year gift- natural flea killer

 Rosemary leaves
Boiling a handful of rosemary leaves in a pan of water and then using it as a spray will relief the dog from the much suffering fleas and ticks.

Neem leaves
A natural disinfectant neem leaves are found in abundant in the Indian sub-continent. It is known to be an excellent dog flea medication. This too can be used as a spray on your dog and it is not necessary to wash the pet after spraying it with the neem leaves spray.

Salt and baking powder
People who have thick carpet or rugs in their house, which cannot be washed, they can apply equal quantities of salt and baking powder on these and leave it overnight. In the morning the carpet has to be vacuumed, this will suck out all fleas and ticks and thus leaving your house free from these pests.
Apply these methods to kill dog fleas and make sure that your dog is safe and healthy. This is indeed a unique new year gift for your pet.

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