Monday, 28 January 2013

Kick off dog fleas with cool 15% discount as new year offer on Frontline Plus for dogs

Kick off dog fleas with cool 15% discount as new year offer on Frontline Plus for dogs

 Every new year brings new hope and excitement, so this year along with fulfilling all resolutions, what have you thought this year for your pet. Pets are our best friend so we must make an effort to keep them comfortable and happy. This is my pledge for this new year to keep my dog safe from dog fleas and I have made a good plan for this.

  Plans to make your pet free from dog fleas

Apply flea medication Before taking a pet for walk, apply flea medication at certain places over its body. This will help keep ticks and fleas away from getting attracted to it.

 Feed garlic

 Garlic has multiple purposes; not only does it adds taste to food but also keep fleas away. My neighbor has fed her dog with garlic for 6 years, and it has kept fleas away from the dog. Her dog plays in wild grassy land and never have I heard it being infected by fleas or ticks.

 Vacuum your house often

 Vacuuming the house will keep dogs fleas at a bay. In case your dog has some fleas, these tiny pests quickly hide in certain places in the house from where it is difficult to clean them. Vacuuming will however solve this problem, as it will suck up all hidden fleas and ticks from the corners of your house and even from thick carpets.

 Buy a good flea medication

 Just any flea medication will not solve the purpose, you need to have a good flea medication like Frontline Plus, which is formulated in such a way that it will kill adult fleas and at the same time will kill the eggs. This is the best flea medication and is suggested by top vets. Friends my neighbor had once shared these tips with me and I have decided to follow them. More than this Frontline Plus is offering flat 15% discount on the purchase of any of its products, so what could be better news than this new year offer. So do not let your dog suffer from fleas and ticks and get the best treatment for them.

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