Friday, 11 January 2013

Some Tips On Killing Ticks And Using The Correct Tick Medication

I cannot express how troublesome ticks are not only for the poor pet but also for the pet owner. I have gone through this experience and I can understand well how it feels. It was just few months’ back that fleas infected my dog and I could not stand the pain that it was going through. Luckily, one of my friends is a vet and he suggested me some unique ways by which I could help my dog. I share my tips with you all that I used in killing ticks.

Tips for killing ticks

Look for ticks carefully

Ticks come in different size, so you need to carefully locate them. Run your fingers over the dog’s fur carefully and see if you can locate any fleas. Use a magnifying glass if required.

Make your dog calm
To carefully locate the ticks and fleas, you need to make your dog calm. For this, give it some bones or something to chew and then search for the ticks. You can also use a flea & tick comb.

Don’t ignore these areas of your dog
You must begin searching the dog’s body from its back, starting from its neck region. Then gradually move down on each side of its belly, do not ignore places like face, chin, ears, front of the neck, thigh, legs, between its toes etc.

Killing ticks
You need to take a forceps and put the tip of it in the flame to sterilize it, just putting it for 6 seconds will do. After that let it cool down and when you locate a tick or dog fleas, carefully pull it with the help of forceps. Do not squeeze the flea or the tick but pull it straight. Put the tick in a bowl of boiling water or alcohol.

After the ticks are removed, bury them or burn them. Do not flush, as it does not kill ticks. You can save some ticks in a plastic bag to take it to the vet as a sample. There can be many ticks on your dog’s body so make sure you remove each one of it carefully. Apply some antiseptic on the area from where you have removed the tick.
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