Thursday, 3 January 2013

Some Do's and Don’ts While Selecting a Dog Fleas Cure Method

Various brands claim to cure dog fleas however before selecting one particular product. It is not simple to deal with dog fleas and ticks, but making a right decision in selecting the pet medication will surely make the task of dealing with fleas and ticks easily. Therefore, here are some dos and don’ts of dog fleas cure.

Know more about pet medication

Flea prevention and flea control

Every flea medication available work in either of the two ways; they either prevent fleas by killing the eggs or the larva. These medicines do not kill adult fleas and there are other types of medicines, which control the fleas by killing the adult fleas but are more effective in killing the eggs of the same. A proper flea medication must include flea birth control as well as kill the existing fleas.

Systemic and topical

There are two varieties of dog flea medication, the topic, and the systemic. However you must make sure that if you take your dog for frequent swims then topical medication won’t work for it as it will get washed away in water. You may however need to apply the medicine two days before you take it to swim.
The systemic medication will not work for the dog fleas in case your dog starts having vomiting and diarrhea after consuming it. In this, you must not make any delay in taking a vet’s suggestion.

Don’t compromise in selecting a brand

You may get a pet medication at a much cheaper rate in over the counter but these low priced medicines will cause severe skin allergies in your dog. It is better that you go for a brand like Frontline Plus for your pet rather than spending money on such medications, which does not give any result.

I have used Frontline Plus for my dog when fleas infected it last year and it recovered completely. My personal preference is Frontline and I will suggest the same

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