Thursday, 3 January 2013

Flea Control for Puppies- Doing it perfectly.

Mostly all flea medications are meant for dogs and cats above 12 weeks or older but when these annoying pests infect your little puppy, it is a serious concern. Dog fleas are harmful to dogs and for puppies fleas can be fatal. The method for flea control for puppies is surely different from that of dogs and therefore one must know the right method for doing so.

I have used ASPIS FORTE for Dogs 0-22lbs for my puppy and it is a good product. Let us look at the following steps to ensure that you get rid of fleas from your puppy in the right way.

The right way of doing flea control for puppies
  1. First fill the bathtub with warm water (make sure that the water is not hot) and put the flea control shampoo in it. Form a rich later.
  2. Make sure that the level of water in the tub should reach until the neck of the puppy and not beyond that.
  3. Next apply shampoo the neck region of your dog; this is because fleas will accumulate in its head region once your pour water on the puppy.
  4. Then gently put the puppy in the bathtub and make sure its neck stays far above the water level. Rub the shampoo water all over its body so that all dogs fleas present will be drowned completely. Keep the puppy in the tub for at least 15 minutes.
  5. You can take a small cup and pour some water over its ears and back of the head.
  6. (Make sure not to submerge its head in water and do not put water in its ears. Water in dog’s ears causes serious infection)
  7. Then drain all water from the tub and wash your puppy’s body completely with water. Use a hand shower preferably and make sure that there are no traces of shampoo left as it will cause irritation later. Do not forget to wash its head and behind ears keeping care that water does not enter into its ears. Make sure that the water used for washing is warm and wipe the dog properly, allow it to dry naturally.
ASPIS FORTE for Dogs 0-22lbs is a dog flea medication meant for dogs up to 22 lbs. Consult your vet and then use the same for your puppy.

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