Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Alternative Flea Control For Healthy Dogs And Cats

Many dog and cat owners are always on the lookout for alternative flea medicine for their pets. This is mainly due to the fact that most topical applications and traditional flea treatments tend to have potential neurological effects on the pets. Some flea products even end up damaging the internal organs of the pet.

Pets, fleas, and side effects of flea medications:

Not to forget mentioning the side effects of allergies which most pet lovers they experience. In fact many pet masters have been a witness to the crazy behavior of their pets the moment the flea medicine is applied on their shoulder blades. The pet cat or dog goes up and bring the house down  and stay confused and desperate to get at the spot where the flea medicine is applied.

Reason for using flea medicine in spite of side effects:

In spite of this, most pet owner use  the flea medicine as the benefit far outweighs the side effects. Most of the flea medication contains harmful chemicals in them. An excess use of this in the long run is not at all advisable as it is detrimental to the health of the pet.

Branded v/s cheap flea medication:

Does that mean that the pet is not to be treated for fleas? Of course not, selecting a good branded flea medication is the solution for the same. But some may argue that branded flea products come at a heavy price and cheap flea medication is harmful for the health of the pet and its owner.

Alternative flea medicine of genericfrontlineplus:

Is there an alternative flea product available in the market which has all the qualities of a branded flea medication and at the same time comes at an affordable cost? Yes there is The Frontline Plus as the alternative of Fiprofort Plus is not only reasonably priced but has the same features of Frontline. This is mainly due to the following reasons:

  • Effective Pricing: The price of Fiprofort Plus, the generic version of Frontline Plus is very competitive as they are manufactured without a patent to save on costs. 
  • Quality same as branded flea product: In spite of being low in price, this Frontline Plus has all the features of a branded flea medicine as it manufactured with the same ingredients of Methoprene the Insect Growth Regulator and Fipronil the Insecticide.

Advantages of Frontline Plus alternative:

  • This flea medication Of Frontline plus Canada is ideal not only for adult cat and dogs but even for kittens and Puppies. It can be used from 6 to 8 weeks of age and is considered to be completely safe. 
  • Being water resistant it is ideal for pets playing in water
  • As it is a liquid flea medication, the application method is also easy and a single application lasts for nearly a month without the need for frequent reapplication.

Good flea medication is the ultimate solution for any treating flea problem in pets. Choosing a good flea medication ultimately lies in the hand of the pet owner. A good alternative flea product will not only keep the pet safe and healthy but also help to prolong the life of the furry friend.

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