Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Effective Ways To Identify And Treat Dog Skin Problems

Ask any veterinarian, the common reason for which dogs are brought to their clinic often, the answer I am sure would be for treating skin problems. Skin of the pet acts as a mirror in indicating the overall health of the animal.

Any slight infection on  the skin is likely to make the pet sick and life hell for the pet owner. The best way to treat the same is to identify the dog allergies and other skin care issues and treat them accordingly.

Pet’s way of responding to a skin problem:

The moment a pet faces any skin problem, it tends to react in anyone or all of the following ways:

  • Chewing 
  • Licking 
  • Scratching 

In case a pet is afflicted with skin allergic conditions, the best thing to do would be to take the pet and show to a vet. He would be able to identify the exact cause for allergy and treat it accordingly.

Causes for skin allergy in pets: 

The abnormalities in the skin of your precious pooch could be due to any of the following causes:

Flea bites: One of the leading causes for allergies in pets is due to flea bites. The flea bites and droppings may cause allergic skin reactions in pets leading to hot spots and irritation.

The best way to treat skin allergies in pooches occurring due to flea infestation and bites is by going for a good flea product to control the same.

Fiprofort Plus, a generic version of Frontline flea medication is trusted by millions of pet lover’s world over and also recommended by many vets for its effectiveness in flea eradication.

This flea medicine drives away fleas with the same effectiveness of Frontline.

Manufactured with the same key components of Frontline, Fipronil and (s) Methoprene work in tandem to break the flea cycle and prevent further re infestation of the eggs, larvae and adult fleas.

A single application lasts nearly a month and also its feature of being water resistant is an added advantage.  The pet owner can allow the pet friend to freely waddle in water without the fear of the medicine getting dissolved.

Irritants: Certain grooming products such as shampoos, soaps and powders are known to act as irritants and trigger skin reactions in pets.

Food allergies: Many packaged foods prepared using colors and fillers can cause allergic reactions in pets and cause itches and rashes.

Sarcopic Mange: This skin disorder is caused due to an infection from Sarcoptes scabei mite. It can be the cause for extreme itching and skin inflammation in pets.

Apart from the above many other factors such as ringworm, yeast infections, hormone imbalance and seasonal changes could also lead to skin allergies and infections in pets. Some pets even develop skin infections from licking as a result of boredom.

Topical applications, injections and hypo allergenic diet for food allergies are the different treatment options available for countering skin allergies in dogs and cats.

Constant itching and scratching sound can be quite irritating for the ears, but don’t blame your pet for the same. Skin allergies are the culprit, learn to identify it and treat accordingly.

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