Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Caring For Dual Pet Mate Of A Dog And A Cat

Caring for dual pet mates can prove to be a tough challenge for may pet parents. It is like walking on a two edged sword. Cat and dog fights can prove to be very disruptive to the house hold. Most time cats warn off dogs by letting a growl, puffing and hissing. 

Ideal way to breed two pets simultaneously:

On the outset it may look like a dog is attacking the cat but this may not be the truth. The best way to breed both cat and dog together would be by following a certain discipline. The following ideas listed below would be of great help to many pet lovers who act as pet parents to both dogs and cats.
  • Separate bowls: Maintaining a separate food and water bowl is the ideal thing to do when maintaining two pets. Asking them to share the same bowl would be an unfair thing to do. 
  • Own retreat place: By providing a safe individual retreat place to both the pets, a pet parent can ensure that each pet does not get threatened by the other pet. By doing this, the pet parent ensures that the pets become less aggressive. The retreat place could be in the form of a separate bed or kennel.
  • Flea treatment: Fleas are inevitable when two pets live under the same roof. This can be a nuisance for the pet owner. Constant visits to vet for treatment of fleas can be both financially and physically draining for any pet lover. 
  • Ideal treatment for fleas: The best way to treat pets for fleas in case of dual pets would by going for over the counter medication of flea control such as Frontline Plus flea medication. 
  1. Fiprofort Plus generic version of Frontline Plus flea medicine is manufactured using the same key ingredients of the insecticide of Fipronil and the Insect Growth Regulator of (s) Methoprene which work in tandem to eradicate fleas.
  2. Being water resistant Fiprofort Plus flea control program ideal to be used on pets going in water often. 
  3. Treating both the pets for fleas at the same time avoids the reinfestation of fleas.
  4. A single application of Fiprofort Plus prevents treating pets for fleas again and again as one dose of this flea medicine lasts for nearly a month. 
  5. With all the instructions neatly printed on the pack, this flea medication can be used by even a new pet parent without consulting anyone, 
  6. The method of application is also very simple as one has to only open the pack and squeeze the medicine on to the area near the shoulder blades of the pet. 
  7. For dual pet parent, this flea medication available in various forms such as powder, spray on and ointement is ideal and also works out cheaper. 
  • Time and attention: Negative behavior in pets can be easily overcome in pets by providing undivided time and attention to each pet. Most pets have the inherent tendency to become jealous towards the other pet. 
  • Mutual relationship: Pets if forced to spend time with each other may dislike it. This can lead to constant fights among them. The ideal way would be to give them sufficient time to get adjusted with each-other naturally.

Bringing a new pet when another pet is already in the house can prove to be little tough for the pet parent. Allowing the existing pet to get a scent of the new one or keeping them in separate room till they are not prepared to meet each other are some of the tactics which can be adopted. 

Providing treats to both the pets whenever they behave well with each other is another novel way to get them adjusted to each other. 

The more the merrier applies aptly in case of pets. Nobody can vouch for this more than a pet buff. 

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