Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Tips To Reduce Veterinary Medical Bills With Cheap Flea Treatment of Fiprofort Plus

Many pet lovers have to foot a heavy bill at a  veterinary clinic whenever they take their pet for a spring check up. Treating pets for fleas can prove to be a real nuisance for many pet owners. What then is the solution for the same? The answer lies in an effective flea control program at low cost.

Why should fleas be controlled?

Fleas are pesky blood sucking pests which irritate both the pet and its owner alike. Unless controlled, they can multiply within a short span of time. They are not only responsible for causing various diseases in pets such Lyme’s disease, Brown dog and American dog tick but they end up falling all over the places where the pet treads right from furniture, yard to all over the house. 

Treating fleas on puppies and kittens:

Baby animals are also not spared from flea attacks and they end up becoming anemic because of flea infestation. The harsh chemical used in some flea products can prove to be quite hazardous to the pet. These nasty parasites end up damaging the internal organs of the pet. 

Kittens and puppies below six weeks are better off without any treatment for fleas. Simple washing with soap and water is enough to ward off fleas.

But cats and dogs above 8 weeks can be treated with flea medications such as Fiprofort Plus which is considered excellent for them. Being the generic version of Frontline, this flea medication comes with all the features of Frontline and is also available at a lower price. 

Features of the Inexpensive flea treatment of Fiprofort Plus :

Fiprofort Plus from Generic Frontline Plus is manufactured without a patent; hence it is available at a competitive price. It can be rightly called as “Cheapest Frontline”.

The key ingredients of Fipronil and (S) Methoprene are used to manufacture Fiprofort Plus. Both these Insecticide and Insect Growth Regulator work in tandem to break the flea cycle and prevent re infestation of fleas.

How to avail the cheap Frontline medication of Fiprofort Plus for pets?

With online shopping benefits such as free shipping, lesser rate for bulk purchase, festival discounts sky is the limit for a pooch lover who wants to avail these discounts. Many pet pharmacies also offer online discounts for during festivals .The clue lies in keeping one’s ears and eyes open and grabbing these offers as and when available. 

Protecting the furry friend from ticks, worms, heart worms and intestinal worms is not only the moral responsibility of each pet guardian but it also becomes mandatory for saving the life of the pet.

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