Friday, 25 April 2014

Want An Effective And Ideal Flea Medication ,Buy Frontline Plus

You have tried everything from cheap shampoos to costly ointments for treating fleas on your pet but with little or no effect. Flea bites can be a real nuisance for your pet causing itching and scratching leading to diseases and infections. 

Keeping our furry friends away from fleas and flea bites is not only a matter of safety but is very essential in keeping the pet  comfortable. Many of the  pet lovers are  plagued with the following  questions such as 

Which is the ideal flea medication? 
Are some flea medications better than others?
Is flea medication harmful for my pet’s health?

Ideal flea medication:

For the first part of the question, there is no such thing as ideal flea medication, each flea medication has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on the lifestyle, requirement and need of the pet such as cat or dog.  

Rating of flea medication:

To know the answer for the second question as to which flea medication is better, a pet lover has to do a little research in understanding the ingredients used in the flea medication he desires to buy for his pet. 

An effective flea medication is one which not only kills the adult fleas and ticks, but even the larvae and eggs. At the same time, the flea medication should disallow the re-infestation of fleas. You may ask, is there such a flea medicine available in the market? Of course there is such a flea medication available by the name of Frontline Plus which meets the requirement of an ideal/effective flea medication. 

Ingredients in Frontline:

When you buy Frontline Plus, you can be rest assured that not only the existing adult fleas,ticks ,larvae and eggs are killed but even their reinfestation do not take place. This is due to the presence of the active key ingredients of Fipronil, an insecticide and (S) Methoprene the insect growth regulator.

The last and final question regarding the harmful effect of the flea medication has to answer honestly because some flea medications are known to be toxic and if used in excess can damage the internal organs of the pet. 

This is where Frontline scores over other flea medications as all the details regarding the percentage of chemicals used are clearly mentioned on the pack. 

Frontline Plus directions:

Most flea medicine come as a topical application which need to be applied on the nape of the neck of the dog or cat. The Frontline flea medicine kit always contains step by step instructions regarding its application so that even a new pet owner can apply the medicine without the help of a vet. 

A single application lasts for nearly a month and being water proof, the question of the medicine getting dissolved even if the pet plays in water does not arise.

By now all your doubts regarding flea medication must have got solved and I am sure you must have decided to buy Frontline Plus, which meets all the criteria’s of best flea product for your cat or dog.

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