Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Super ways to kill dog fleas that

Dog fleas are very tough and that is why the ways to kill them has to extremely effective. Not only this, one must follow these methods very effectively without fail. So let us look at these super ways to deal with fleas. These ways will also kill ticks as well.
  • Wash all washable things
You need to wash all things be it sofa cover, bed cover, and especially the bedding of your pets as well. After washing dry it directly under the Sun, as this will kill all fleas as well as ticks.

  • Throw the bedding if it is completely filled with dog fleas
There can be instances that the bedding will be filled completely with fleas and ticks, so in that case you need to throw away the bedding completely. Fleas multiply very fast in warm cozy areas so it is practically impossible to get rid of fleas hiding inside bedding. You may also call a pest control person and ask him if he can make the bedding free of fleas with the help of pest control spray.
  • Spray Methoprene or Pyriproxyfen
These are excellent spray to kill fleas as well ticks so you can easily use these to get rid of toughest fleas. One must follow the direction of using these pest control sprays very properly and then use it accordingly.
  • Vacuum the entire house, don’t leave any corner
Dog fleas can be anywhere so it is better to vacuum the entire house properly. This will suck dog fleas present anywhere in the house. While vacuuming make sure that you do not leave any area like under the furniture, under the bed, all sides of the furniture and every other place that you can think of vacuuming. The idea is not to clean the place but to suck up all fleas present at every corner of the house so use your discretion accordingly.
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