Monday, 15 April 2013

Solutions for natural Fleas Control

Solutions for natural Fleas Control 

Summer season again comes back and the temperature is rising slowly. With this season Fleas also coming. Fleas are tiny small parasites which suck blood of your lovely puppy or cat. Fleas are dangerous which has the ability to carry various deadly diseases. They will make your pet ill if you don’t control fleas.
There are so many synthetic products available to control or to kill fleas and ticks. Some these are really useful such as Frontline Plus, Generic Frontline Plus. But other products may have side effects and some products are costlier.
If the infestation of fleas is not a serious issue for pet then you can try for natural ways of Fleas Control. Some of very useful and commonly used Fleas Control methods are as follows.
Add Garlic in pets diet:
If you add garlic and brewer's yeast in the diet of your pets, these might help to control flea. The mechanism behind this is after metabolism of these substances the flavor produced by them is irritating to fleas. Other active constituents from garlic and brewer's yeast also boost immunity power of pets to fight against fleas. For better results use daily for at least 1 month.
Salting and vacuuming:

If infestation is critical then this is a more powerful method. Add salt to your floors and furniture and then vacuum them. Salt kills flea eggs by dehydrating them.
Cedar beds:

Cedar beds are also commonly used to repel fleas. The strong essence helps to repel fleas. You can also use eucalyptus, lavender, clove and citronella for better results.
Clean Pet accessories:

Do cleaning session for all accessories for pets. Pet bed, pet house, grooming tools, toys etc. Can be cleaned and vacuumed thoroughly.  Fleas can grow at higher temperature very rapidly so try to maintain the temperature at adequate levels. Use flea combs regularly to get rid of fleas from the skin.

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