Friday, 12 April 2013

Frontline Plus Vs Generic Frontline Plus

Frontline Plus and Generic Frontline Plus are medicines to kill fleas and ticks immediately. Flea and ticks are small parasites which live on pets. These have potential to carry some dangerous disease and to cause diseases such as anemia. So protect pets from this dangers pet owners are using flea medication such as Frontline Plus and Generic Frontline Plus. These both medicines are equally effective and potential to kill all types of fleas. We will see what difference between both these.

Frontline Plus:
Frontline Plus is branded most popular medicine to kill fleas and ticks. This contains Fipronil and S-Methoprene. Fipronil has antimicrobial activity and S-Methoprene is in insect growth regulator. Both these chemicals attack on flea and ticks and complete irradiation is possible with them. This is available in liquid form and single application is effective for 30 days so no need to apply frequently. It has no any side effects. For cats and dogs different products are available. Frontline Plus has ability to kill fleas within 24 hours after each application.
Generic Frontline Plus:
Generic Frontline Plus is Generic version of Frontline Plus. Generic version has the same active ingredient as like a branded version with the same efficiency. Generic Frontline Plus is also having the same potential to kill all fleas and ticks 100 % within 24 hours of each application. This also contains Fipronil and S-Methoprene. This also comes in liquid form gives complete 30 days protection. If used as per instructions it has no any side effects. For cats and dogs different products are available because every species has different needs.

Which is best Frontline Plus or Generic Frontline Plus?
These both have same ability just difference is the price of them. Generic Frontline Plus is generic version so it has a much lower price and Frontline Plus is a branded medication so it has a high price. If you really trust on generic drugs and want to save some money then go for Generic Frontline Plus.

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