Thursday, 18 April 2013

Fleas and ticks- An inside story

As more and more people are keeping dogs and cats as their pets at home, the popularity of them has surged to a new high. While it is a very good thing, the one thing that has started to sour things is the increasing number of occurrences of a problem that’s making dogs completely out of track from their lives, dog fleas.
Yes, despite of the fact that an ardent dog lover is leaving no stone unturned to make sure that the dog they are owning are getting everything that could make their life a rosy affair, even then fleas & ticks are making their way and completely jeopardizing a happy dog’s life like never before.

Fleas & ticks are such an ailment that’s very irritating to the part of the dogs to bear. Yes, these are menacing infestations in the form of larvae and eggs that simply resides inside the fur of the dogs and as they are completely dependent on their blood for growth and development, it makes them to go weak and leave all activities of life to be laying low profile in isolation.

When fleas & ticks happens and if it is not treated well ahead in time and without a side-effects free flea medication, the case could become a threat to the life of the pooch even. Thus, in order to completely eradicate dog fleas without giving rise to other side-effects such as Lyme’s disease and Tapeworms, a side-effects free flea medication must be the order of the day.

The dream of every dog lover is to see their pooch living with them in the bliss of health and happiness and when despite of taking care of everything and even then the dogs not getting healed from flea & ticks only due to taking of a wrong medication shall be the cruelest and silliest of the things to do.
So, wake up your basic instinct in this case and give your dog only a side-effects free flea medication and get your dogs rid of fleas & ticks sooner than ever and get him back to the groove of life.

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