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Best Tick Medication for Dogs

Best Tick Medication for Dogs
Getting rid of flea from your dog is nightmare for dog owners and irritating experience for the dog. Fleas are small parasites which carries some dangerous diseases such as Lyme disease, and Rocky Mountain fever disease. To kill and prevent flea from growth on dogs skin is essential to prevent the dog from dangerous diseases; Tick Medication is one of the ways.

There are several types of Tick Medication available but not necessary that every product is safe for your dog. The best way to choose Tick Medication is get advice from pet vet. The specialist pet vet will observe your dog, its lifestyle and its surrounding environment and then veterinarian will prescribe some medication for your dog.

Below I have mentioned few Tick Medication such as:

Monthly Control Medication:

This is most widely used Tick Medication. Usually comes in liquid form which can be applied on dog skin. It gives complete 30 days protection after each application.  They effectively kill fleas and ticks and can be used on dogs older than 8 weeks.  One of the examples of products is Frontline Plus andGeneric Frontline Plus that contains active principle as Fipronil and S-MethopreneFrontline Plus also gives waterproof protection and don’t have any side effect if used as per direction.


Flea spray is another type of product which we have to spray on dog skin. Most of the times these contain the same chemicals as like Monthly flea medication with the same effectiveness and efficiency. E.g. Frontline Spray, ASPIS Spray


Powders can also be effective but they can create a mess if ingested or inhaled by the dog. If the dog is suffering from respiratory problems such as Asthma, powders can be dangerous.


Flea collars can be effective if used with precautions. These collars are coated medicines along with it and dog should wear it to repel and kill flea.

Flea Shampoo:

Flea Shampoo is used as a primary step to kill fleas. This is also effective way but should be used according to pet vet or as per manufacturer guidelines.

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