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Frontline Spray for Kittens is very effective to kill fleas

Frontline Spray for Kittens is very effective to kill fleas

Looking for flea and tick medications for your kittens? There are so many products and brands available in pet stores to kill or prevent flea. Out of the many products Frontline Plus is most popular drug used by thousands of pet owners and recommended by many pet vets across globe. This is available for dog, cats, and kittens according to weight of pets. This is very specific and effective drug which kills flea and ticks. One of the versions of Frontline Plus isFrontline Spray for Kittens.

Frontline Spray for Kittens is very effective flea and tick medication for adult kittens older than 8 weeks or more. It can kill ticks including deer ticks which may cause Lyme Disease. It has ability to kill100% of adult fleas on dogs and cats within 18 hours and 100% of all ticks within 48 hours. It contains two effective chemicals Fipronil and S-Methoprene.
Features of Frontline Spray for Kittens:
  • Works well against all existing types of flea and ticks.
  • It gives weatherproof protection.
  • It gives 30 days complete protection.
  • Very useful in severe flea infestation.
  • Don’t have any major side effects if used as pet vet instructions.
  •  Can be used as preventive or treatment purpose in kittens.
How to use Frontline Spray for Kittens?
Always latex gloves before and during application session. Try to do session in a well-ventilated space. Hold the bottle in the upright position. Then spray tocats back, sides, stomach, legs, shoulders and neck. During application ruffle the animal’s coat with one hand. Apply till the cats coat is thoroughly wet. For the head and eye area, spray Frontline on a gloved hand and rub gently into animal’s hair.
Side effects:
Side effects vary according to individual cat and its response to spray. If found any symptoms, consult a veterinarian immediately.
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