Thursday, 7 March 2013

Benefits of using Frontline plus for dogs 23-44 lbs. Cheap

Benefits of using Frontline plus for dogs 23-44 lbs. Cheap
I have started believing in the benefits of Frontline Plus for dogs 23-44 lbs. cheap after I applied it on my dog and saw the effect. Frontline plus is really a great product and proves right whatever it claims. Recently my family and our doggy went for camping, all of enjoyed very much but after we returned, there was some unusual behavior in my dog. Initially did not give much attention unless the problem became very severe.

My doggy was scratching its body very vigorously all day and was not showing any appetite towards food. I was worried and I rushed it to the vet. The vet examined it and in just five minutes, it concluded that fleas and ticks infected my dear dog.

Since my dog was of medium weight, so he suggested me to apply Frontline Plus for dogs 23-44 lbs. Cheap instantly. He told me that this medication is really good and available at a much-discounted rate at a reputed site. I made no delay in taking his suggestion.
After applying Frontline Plus for dogs 23-44 lbs. cheap, I could see a visible difference in the behavior of the dog. It had reduced its scratching to quiet extent. I was careful not to apply this medication on the scratches and open wounds that unfortunately my doggy had developed.

My doggy had stopped scratching completely after 24 hours and I could see that it was showing interest towards food again. After two weeks when I took it to the vet, the vet was very happy to see it in normal condition again.
I did take some precaution while giving the doggy this medication. I made sure that it wore a veterinary cone so that it does not lick itself. Four times in a week, I gave it a bath with my herbal shampoo and used with warm water.
My doggy was finally free from all fleas and ticks and I really thank Frontline Plus for dogs 23-44 lbs. cheap for helping my pet.

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