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What is the method for dog tick removal

What is the method for dog tick removal

Ticks are a common problem in pets and these bloodsuckers must be removed as soon as they appear. The procedure of removing ticks has to be very accurate otherwise; the tick will spread infection in the pet since its saliva is very infectious. These are few dog tick removal that I have found to be very useful and would like to share with all my readers.
 Use a tweezers 

If there is no other tick removal devised left with you then you can use a tweezers, which is a very convenient way to pull out a tick. Take someone’s help pulling out the tick as the dog may exhibit some restless behavior. Just hold the tick properly on its head and then without shaking it, pull it steadily. Make sure you do not break its body else, its head will stay embedded in the skin of the dog.

 Dog tick removal tool 

There is some dog tick removal tool, which is a very easy and painless way to remove ticks. The tool has a proper holder, which will fit in the body of the tick. Removing the tick using these methods is good as there is no involvement of chemicals.

Bath the pet with herbal shampoo 

I once gave bath to my pet with an herbal shampoo. I used warm water and while shampooing, I first shampooed its neck region and then rest of the body. At the end, I shampooed its head taking care that soap does not enter its eyes and ears. After rinsing the dog well, I found that there were enough ticks and fleas in the water. Lastly, I combed the dog after sponging it with a dry towel.
These methods of dog tick removal are very effective and my pet is free from all types of ticks. Just make sure that once you have removed the tick, put it in hot soapy water.

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