Monday, 25 March 2013

Fleas and Ticks- An inside story

Fleas and ticks with the growing times have become one of the most problematic issues that seem to concern dogs and cats. The fleas and ticks are deadly infestations based issues in the form of larvae and eggs that survives on a canine’s blood for its continued growth and reproduction
A dog that used to be a picture of unfazed happy moments becomes a picture of remorse as the infestations of fleas and ticks do not let him stay in peace and fall out of all the activities that they once used to simply have a great time at.

Fleas and ticks are very hard to be distinguished as the symptoms of it matches with that of a common health issue such as cold and flu. When a dog is said to be under a possible attack of fleas and ticks, the first thing to do is, see for any change in the behavior as the animal may start to live in isolation and do not participate in any household activities.

What’s more, when the condition aggravates, the pooch may reject his favorite Chicken or Mutton dish and that’s when he must be taken to a vet doctor and get tested for fleas and ticks.

People take normal over-the-counter medications thinking them to be good but they may have some agents that may cause side-effects such as Lyme’s disease, Tapeworms and many more and make the situation of fleas and ticks worse than ever for the dog to encounter.

Thus, pick up a side-effects free flea and ticks medication and see your lovable canines get back to the basics of life and not be in the trap of fleas and ticks as it’s their health and happiness that you always crave for to be superior, right? Take up the right call now! All the best!

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