Monday, 11 March 2013

Dos and Don’ts of Frontline Plus for dogs

I was really shocked when my vet told me your dog is infected by fleas and ticks. I had never thought in my dream that my pet will be infected. I was panic about him. I discussed this problem with my Vet and I was free of worries. He suggested me to use Frontline plus.
Frontline plus is really magical medicine for flicks and ticks

I used it and surprisingly after a few hours my lovely dog was free of flicks and ticks. I was so happy with this type of results. My puppy now can play freely with my all family members and we don’t have to worry. Now I am using as a preventive measure on a monthly basis

But as per my experience I have made a list of things which can be useful about Frontline plus. Some Dos and Don’ts are as follows:

  Dos of Frontline Plus for dogs:
  • Once you've selected a flea and tick preventative for your dog, use it properly for maximum effectiveness and safety.
  • Do follow label directions to the letter. Reputable product outline safety concerns.
  • Do be vigilant in your treatment plan even if you don't see any more fleas or ticks. Regard these rapidly reproducing pests as constant threats.
  • Do ask your veterinarian or product manufacturer if you are uncertain about the usage of dosage.
  • Also consider weight of dog. Right now according to weight different formulations are available so doesn’t miss it.
Don’ts of Frontline Plus for dogs:
  • Don't engineer an all-out assault by combining several flea and tick products without consulting your veterinarians first. Some combinations can cancel the effectiveness of others or cause harm to you and your dog.
  • Don't assume a dog flea and tick product will work with your cat. The two species have different physiological makeups, and you might harm your cat if you use a product designed for a dog.
I am completely satisfied with Frontline Plus results. You can also try it if your pet needs it. Don’t hesitate to consult your pet vet if you have any other concern rather than above.

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