Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Keeping the house clean when pets are around

If your pet does not have his own dog-house, chances are that you might have to run after your pet to keep the house clean. Here is why to do it…

Cleanliness is inborn quality which everyone possesses. How much to clean is dependent on individual perception. Some people clean once a day, some clean once a week while some would always carry a duster when at home. If you have pets, then your frequency to clean will be higher as the pets would naturally be messier than their masters. So a pet owner has to practice patience when raising a pet.

  Some of the things to be looked after are:

  • Vacuum clean the house regularly to clear any fallen hair as it could lead to respiratory problems. It should be done every week if not possible every day.  It also helps to get rid of any flea and tick eggs which are lying on the floor or the carpet. 
  • Use a room freshener to eliminate any animal smell in the house. Always keep the room well ventilated to avoid any clogging of smells. 
  • Train the pet to housebreak when it wants to do its personal stuff. The pet would be more receptive to this training if it is trained at the puppy stage itself. Assign a place for it to relieve itself. Housebreaking is good for them both physically and psychologically as they know where to go when they want to answer to the nature’s call.
  • Use cleaning agents which are not very harsh on their skin as some agents may include certain toxins. Store all of it in a secure place away from their reach.
  • You may also keep a door mat at the entrance of the door for it to wipe off any dirt or dust particles that it is carrying from outside.
  • Give it a nice wash periodically to avoid any foreign bodies from settling on their fur and eventually into your house. You may use a flea medication like the frontline spray to avoid any fleas from lingering around on their body or anywhere in the house. 

Animals stay healthy if their surroundings are clean. If they have newborns who mostly do all their activities in their resting area, their mother would continuously clean up after they are done. As a responsible pet owner our duty is to give our pets the same clean environment. 

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