Thursday, 14 November 2013

Why not to ignore fleas

As the fleas are so tiny in size, the biggest mistake a pet owner would do is to take them for granted, but they are far more dangerous than they seem. Here is why not to ignore them…

It is very easy to ignore fleas, because they tiny. They can grow up to 3mm on an average. Only 5% of the total flea population affecting your pet is visible on your pet’s body so an inexperienced pet owner can easily overlook them. 

So in case of a flea infestation why don’t get to see all the fleas?

The reason being only adult fleas are seen on their host’s body while others which are still in infant stage are hidden somewhere. They could be present anywhere under the carpet, sofas, and door mats or in the dark corners or cracks where we normally don’t go.

 Fleas can multiply at a rapid speed, as one set of fleas can turn into an army of fleas in some days itself. Along with the pests that are present and visible in the pet’s fur, the ones which are in hideout should be taken care of as well. 

Ignoring the fleas that are not visible can be perhaps the biggest mistake under dog grooming. As dog grooming does not mean only taking care of physical appearance but also its health. Dog Fleas are a major concern for pet’s health as they can be related to multiple health issues. It can also turn fatal if not acted upon faster.

What are fleas capable of?

Fleas are capable of numerous skin ailments in pets. 

- Flea allergy dermatitis is the most common. As the flea bites, its saliva mixes with the mutt’s blood and the infection can spread throughout the body. As these primarily feed on blood, with each bite, they can spread the infection and if it is not treated, can make your canine very restless and sick. 

- Tapeworms can also be transmitted through fleas. 

- Some dogs also suffer from Haemobartonellosis caused due to flea bites and can lose weight fast due to loss of appetite. 

Depending upon the magnitude of the infestation both natural and topical flea treatments can be utilized to put an end to their terror. 

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